Voila Windjet - Do not travel around Europe by Voila Windjet

Posted on Saturday, January 10th, 2009 at 8:03pm CST by 8310ecbd

Product: Airline

Company: Voila Windjet

Location: Italy
Sicily, Eu, IT

URL: http://w2.volawindjet.it/default.aspx?lang=en

Category: Other

I was supposed to fly on Windjet under original confirmation number 6IOF8F on Sept. 12, 2008 from FCO to PMO departing 8:30AM. I missed my flight by 1 hour due to a late incoming flight and was told by Windjet that I would forfeit the entire leg. I was then forced to purchase a completely new one way ticket under new confirmation number BOI5D6 for Windjet flight IV241 scheduled leave FCO at 23.00 hours. I paid $259.38 dollars for this flight. However, the flight was delayed due to Windjet's operational issues until 2:45AM on Sept. 13, 2008. Since this was neither weather related, nor a security/safety issue, I am requesting a complete refund of the excess amount paid for the new ticket for the amount of $259.38. In effect, this would mean I only pay the original fare from 6IOF8F since there was delay on both sides.

In addition, Windjet charged us another

$100 and forced us to check-in the only hand bag we carried. The agent refused to let us carry it on-board even though it was under size/weight restrictions and all other airlines allowed it.

In all, we got a low fare upfront, but landed up paying $400 extra for the journey!

Several complaints have been filed with Windjet, but they refuse to respond.

I have requested to pls. let me know when I can expect the refund on the original ticket that was never used.

I am requesting refund for either the old or the new ticket since delay was caused due to inefficiencies on both sides.

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4ae2bb03, 2009-12-22, 11:20AM CST

This has also been my experience.

They are always late and take only if you can afford to be late and have a tight travel budget. You get what you pay for and Wind Jet may be low fare but that is all. You treated like cattle! Caution this airline.

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