Acer - Abysmally poor customer service from Acer

Posted on Thursday, January 1st, 2009 at 10:30am CST by 9d1c245a

Product: Acer Aspire One

Company: Acer

Location: US

Category: Other

The worst customer service I've ever experienced in over 500 phone calls to more than 35 companies in over 10 years.

I spoke with all of the following people (identified by badge numbers and also by names in two cases) over the course of 120 minutes trying to get a simple question answered.

I spent $1,000 on two computers (an Aspire One and a desktop computer) over two days and needed to find a recovery CD-ROM or DVD-ROM (not included in the package for the Aspire One) and after trying to get someone to help me with that for about two hours and failing because of constant interruptions and infinite loops in the interactive voice response system and the human handling of my multiple calls, I'm returning both products because I refuse to support a company with such abysmal customer support service.

Humans I spoke with before deciding to return $1,000 worth of equipment for my money back (their badge numbers and in two cases, also their names):



TA116 (Johnny; a supervisor for the Aspire One department who interrupted me constantly and ultimately hung up the phone on me)

GWGA274 (Kathy; a first level agent who interrupted me constantly)


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