DIRECTV - blatant robbery by DIRECTV

Posted on Monday, February 9th, 2009 at 4:37pm CST by Anonymous

Company: DIRECTV

Location: lehigh acres, fl, US


Category: Other

it all started when i moved and had Directv transfer service to my new location. When the installation crew came out to install service they claimed i would owe them $250. i was shocked into contacting the 800#. I guess i sounded like a new customer so the representative assured me "oh, we dont charge for installations" but when i told her that technicians were at my house asking for cash. she changed her story, telling me that becuase i had existing service and tivo/dvr i was subject to the charge. she "negotiated" with me and i ended up forking over 75. in an act of defiance i didnt pay the next bill. that was in Dec. In Jan. a rovery kit was sent to the address i had moved from.(i only know because the new tenants at the property called me) i called directtv and told them, dont cancel my service, i will pay within the next 2 weeks. Then low and behold not even 14 days later, directv accesses my bank account, without my express permission!! and withdraws $850.00!!! THIS REALLY DID HAPPEN!! I was shocked and say the least. I immediately called them, to question the charge and they told me "well, we sent a recorvery kit and you didnt return our equipment...HELLO, didn't you notice that the recovery kit was sent to an address i had already transferred service from?? Needless to say, all i got was a bunch of "i'm sorry's" and NO RESOLUTION. 2 hours later i finally found a simpathetic supervisor who told me they would refund me but only for the "Unreturned Equipment Fee" & "EARLY CANCELLATION FEE". and the refund would take 7-10 business days!!! i would understand if they had sent the recovery kit to the correct address or if i had failed to contact them during the time window...being the micro-manageing consumer that i am. i went above and beyond, to avoid an issue like this from happening, they have my email, phone, and current address. but i heard nothing!! LEGAL ACTION IS WARRANTED!!



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