Posted on Monday, February 9th, 2009 at 4:35pm CST by 26a36e92

Product: Dish installation

Company: Not Available

Location: GASTONIA, NC, 28120, US

Category: TV, Music, Video

Our dish was installed by a subcontractor and was very poorly done. He knew the technical part of the system, but was NOT an installer. He did not come properly prepared to do the job. When he left he ran over two of our bushes beside the driveway. The second person they sent from a different company to correct some of the problems was almost as bad. He did nothing. The third time, a supervisor was sent and the job was completed to our satisfaction. The original installation was not grounded and the cable connections were buried in the ground--both unsafe conditions. DishNetwork was very nice when we called and sent someone else out, but it would have saved them and us time if it had been done properly the first time. We are happy with the TV reception and the channel selection.

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31d92113, 2009-02-26, 12:04PM CST

In about four days, i was at DirecTv office where i was hired for about two days at 83 watch drive portland , maine.

This was for me the second time to be invited for the interview. the first time , after to be sent to drug test( i never take drug in my life) they wrote to me a letter where they specify that my drivers record is worse(i don't have any drivers record because before that time i have not yet a drivers licence for all my life!!!!!)

I was denied job the first time for that reason!!!

The second time, they invited me agaiin, interview passed , drug test done successfully. I went to begin the training. After two days , i was invited in the office and fired because i am black.

Let me tell you that i'm an engineer in electronics engineering technology(bachelor's degree), i am unemployed .

they said that i am over qualified for that job, and asked to go to find jobs in big company when the same prejudice will not allow me to be at least be called !!!

This is why , people , consumers are suffering , waste time and money . I understand how hard you must understand for an other technician .

You think that you are happy!!!! no , if you are happy you must not write all this here!!!!

People are very crazy, do you know that a bad technician is very dangerous more than a criminal?

Go ahead use color to fix your electrical power, your TV , your car all what you will get are many colors like what you had seen when you was wasting time and money because of an ignorant employer.

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