DISH Network - DIsh Network New Cards casuse bad service

Posted on Saturday, February 7th, 2009 at 9:01am CST by e564e8dc

Product: Dish Network HDDVR 622 And VIP522

Company: DISH Network

Location: Littleton, CO, 80120, US


Category: Other

In order to continue service you must insert the new cards Dishnetwork sends you. I have had flawless reception and performance in HD for 2 years. Now after inserting their card in the unit, (to keep receiving programming), the unit intermittently resets, hangs up, goes off, and has streaming interuptions. I called them three times so far. No solution. They want to send a service tech out at $100 per call. I have done everything he could do with no solution. They could send programing to my unit that would allow it to work without the card, but they refuse to do so until I have a tech sent out and pay a service call fee, nor will they send me different cards to try, nor will they send a different unit . The most they are willing to do is send a Tech out for a fee that I must pay. It is their equipment which I pay a monthly rental fee for, and once in the past they sent a tech for no fee. If I cancel before two years, I must pay an early cancellation penalty. I feel I am not the only one experiencing these problems, and as they send the rest of their customers these new cards to put in the units to keep them working, there will be many more complaints and problems. They are losing a lot of customers back to Direct TV and I believe they are trying to ignore the problem these new cards are causing in order to save money. I have never had any problems in the past with their service until now. I have run into a brick wall and am seriously considering going to another service as they offer no solution to this problem. Perhaps if enough customers get togeather we can innitiate a class action which will force a resolution.


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