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Posted on Friday, February 6th, 2009 at 2:19pm CST by c68c993a

Product: Bruce Product

Company: Armstrong

Location: 2500 Columbia Avenue
Lancaster, PA, 17603, US


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We purchased a home from Trotter Builders in December 2006. Creative Floor Coverings installed Bruce hardwood floors in our home. We were given a Bruce Floor Care and Product Warranty Guide and used these products as instructed for Dura-Luster and Dra-Luster Plus Urethane Finish Floors. Per the Bruce Floor Care and Product Warranty Guide, we used the following product for cleaning the floors the past year and a half with no issues:

Bruce Dura-Luster No-Wax Floor Cleaner - a unique cleaner that lifts soil from

finishes without leaving a film.

Meanwhile, we decided approximately four months ago to pick up Bruce Fresh

Finish which is a quick, easy do-it-yourself touch up for a Bruce Dura Luster Finished Floor. It is suppose to restore original gloss level even after years of traffic. After using this product, within a month later, we started noticing peeling throughout certain areas of the floor after using this product.

We contacted Todd Clark and he arranged for a Bruce Distributor to come over and look at our floors and access the situation. He took pictures, but NEVER took a sample of the Fresh Finish product we used that caused this situation. We were informed that he would get back to us.

Approximately 4-5 weeks passed and we finally heard from Todd Clark at Creative Floor Coverings and he came to our home with an email for us to review from the Bruce Distributor. The email from the Bruce Distributor stated that there are NO chemicals in Fresh Finish and that we should use Clean and Strip to remove Bruce Fresh Finish. Before doing this, we decided to call Armstrong. We spoke to a Jette and explained our situation and she said absolutely DO NOT use Clean and Strip. After hearing this, quite frankly, I was afraid to use this product.

The Bruce Distributor apparently had no idea what he was talking about - there

is not a product out there that doesn't have chemicals in it; other than water

and that may have it to.

In continuing, unsure what to do next, I decided to call Armstrong back again

and explain this situation a second time. This time I spoke with a Nancy at Armstrong, which by the way had poor customer service skills and was quite rude! She informed me that I should definitely not use Clean and Clear Strip and gave me an 800 number to Basic Coatings, which happens to be

800-441-1934. There again I was frustrated and said to Nancy why should I call Basic Coatings to take care of an issue with your product when Armstrong/Bruce should be responsible for a product that you sell and distribute? Again, why should she put a product on the shelf that does not work? She explained to me that she has run across other clients that had the same issues and that the only way to remove it is to call Basic Coatings and they will suggest chemicals that will remove Bruce Fresh Finish.

Furthermore, I then spoke to a Laura Gorr, customer service rep at Basic Coatings, and explained my situation to her. At which time she asks me for my email address so she can send me instructions for removing this Bruce Fresh Finish product(again refer to attachment that lists instructions).

Why I am so upset is because I followed the floor care product warranty guide

and used the Bruce Fresh Finish Product that has absolutely ruined my floors!

It sounds to me like Armstrong will not back up their Bruce Products, but

instead pass the buck to Basic Coatings for me as the consumer to be responsible for a defective product - Bruce Fresh Finish!

Therefore, I have also spoken to a knowledgable representative in the flooring department at Lowes and again explained my situation. I was informed that he has had numerous complaints with people using this same product and to NOT use the Bruce Fresh Finish product. He said that after acknowledging the many complaints of this product, he personally refuses to sell this product to any Lowe's customers.

Frustrated again, this time I headed to Home Depot to see what they had to

say.and spoke with a flooring manager that personally used the Fresh Finish

product and ran across the same situation. He decided to not recommend this product to his Home Depot customers due to his bad experience with it. He goes on and tells me a story about a customer that came in with the Bruce Floor Care and Product Warranty Guide. She asked him if he sold this product and he said, "yes." But further explained to the customer his personal experience with Fresh

Finish. The customer said I have to go by what my product warranty guide states and purchased the product. Three weeks later the same customer came in with tears in her eyes after using this product and stated that her floor were ruined after using Fresh Finish. The manager said he warned her about his personal experience and suggested she call Armstrong directly.

Finally, why is it today that manufacturers do not want to back up their products? I feel this is a warranty issue and should be handled accordingly. I take deep pride in my home and wake up every day and look at my floors in frustration - they are simply ruined! I followed instructions and I will not give up on this even if I have to take further action. Why should I be responsible for a product that does not work. Also, why should I be financially responsible for using a product that is recommended in the warranty guide that was supplied to me at my closing?

I expect this situation to be handled in a timely manner. Please do not

hesitate to call me at 704.771.5775 should you have further questions.

Thank you,

John & Sheryl Miller


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511623fd, 2009-10-09, 03:14PM CDT

I to have a ruined floor. Am interested in knowing what chemicals basic coating recommended, did you try it and did it work. Thanks Sandra

c8cc2469, 2009-12-26, 08:51AM CST

Same problem here. basic Coatings said to use another product which could destroy the factory finish or let it wear off! 25 yr. guarantee on these floors and using the products Bruce suggested, and now, they don't want to be bothered!

f965ea9c, 2009-12-28, 05:25PM CST

What in the hell is Armstrong doing??? I have a brand new home and the exact..... same experience! No one in my area sells anything to remove this crap to include the vendors that sell it like Home Depot or the flooring stores! My floors are a mess.... to say the least! I totally understand your frustration in that I have to go to a company that is not connected to get THEIR (BRUCE) product removed because it screwed up my floor!!!

6dafbbcb, 2010-01-15, 12:55PM CST

I just moved into a house built in 1839 with original pine wood flooring. I had the floors sanded and refinished and they look spectacular. I have been looking for a cleaner. I tried Bruce Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner because it was recommended. It left a dull film on the surface. Luckily it wipes clean with a bit of effort. I then found similar experiences on the web. Some suggest that you need to make sure all the oil soap residue or other cleaners need to be removed prior to using this Bruce product. That is not the case because I had never used any cleaner on these floors. So don't believe it. Thankfully my problem is reversible. Just a word of warning and another example of poor performance by a Bruce product. The hard lesson for some of you is all cleaners have some chemical in them. You should always test in a non-conspicuous area before applying it everywhere. Unfortunately these problems sometimes take time to manifest. Good luck.


4ed2ac8d, 2010-02-19, 08:09PM CST

We have a Bruce cherry wood floor. I always said that it is like a black car, looks great clean. I used to love to shine it up and open the front door and just look at the beautiful shine.

A couple of months ago I noticed a bunch of scratches on the wood. We now believe it to have been made by our small dog. They tell us he scratched the finish, not the wood. They suggested that we use mineral spirits, but all that do is take off the shine. Now we are told to use this Fresh Finish product. Thank you for the warning. We only have our entryway with wood, but we need to pull the carpet up for our disabled daughter. We will look into another manufacturer for wood. Thank you once again.

f36897c5, 2011-04-06, 10:34AM CDT

I have a very similar negative experience. After applying Fresh Finish, following all the instructions, this product took all the shine off my floor making a 10 year old well maintained hardwood floor look dull and old.

Before I go through all the trouble of finding this magical IFT floor cleaner that Basis Coating makes, yes Armstrong recommended at to me (unbelievable), I wanted to ask you is it worked on your floor. Were you able to restore the original shine?

Thank you!

...I wish I would have found your post before I got into this mess...

07543bb4, 2011-09-24, 12:57AM CDT

I wished I ALSO saw this complaint before using this product. DO NOT USE BRUCE FRESH FINISH PRODUCT!!!! The one thing I did do right was I only did one room.... and THANK GOODNESS! My floor needed a "little pick me up" and now it looks like absolute CRAP! I had the floors lightly sanded only three years ago... the room I used this product in had been painted and had some sheet rock repair so even after I washed it, it still looked dull. I went to a local flooring company and explained to the store rep what was going on. He was very specific that I make certain my floor was EXTREMELY CLEAN before using this product. So I cleaned it per instructions and applied the Fresh Finish Product as instructed and now my floor has me in tears!!! The only time the floor actually resembled the label on the bottle was when the floor was wet. As soon as it dried it looks dull, marked, feels terrible on my bare feet and makes me want to clean the floor over and over, but it won't come off or buff out. I HATE THAT I TRUSTED THE FLOOR REP AND USED THIS HORRIFIC PRODUCT ON MY FLOOR!!! DO NOT USE BRUCE FRESH FINISH PRODUCT!!!!

252f2765, 2012-02-24, 08:02AM CST

Thank you VERY much! I was going to apply Bruce Fresh Finish today but decided for some reason to check the web for complaints. Finding yours and the many others following yours I will return the product to our local Lowe's store where it was recommended to me earlier this week. Our thirty-two year old flooring looks a little scratched in places but the shine is still there. We used a damp mop with a solution of one gallon warm water to one cup distilled white vinegar to clean the floor after sheet rock work and buffed the floor with cotton towels in a circular motion. Thankfully your complaint has saved the flooring. We appreciate your taking the time to share your experience.

Pat O., 2012-11-08, 02:49PM CST

I have a Bruce prefinished floor also which is a little dull, so,I wanted to sparkle it up. I contacted Armstrong to get information re: what product to use to spruce it up. Bruce Fresh finish was recommended and I have the email to prover it. Now that I've read the comments, I will not use that product. Thank you all for your cautions.

8e6bc69e, 2013-01-18, 07:45PM CST

I have also experienced the exact same with my beautiful Bruce prefinished floors...I was told by email which I still have about three years ago that they were working on a product to remove the Fresh Finish and would contact me when they did,but I could call Basic Coating to get a product to remove it...However when I call they couldn't believe it, they were livid with Armstrong and said they would make sure and tell them again to never have anyone to call them. My floors were awful and I was so upset that I had even put their product on my floor, but more upset that they couldn't help me in anyway nor did they care that my floors were ruined. I was able to get the wax build up off my floors thru a very unrecommended method. But they are beautiful once again and I am proud of them again,that way three years ago and nothing goes on my floors ever except water and vinegar..

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