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Posted on Thursday, February 5th, 2009 at 9:17am CST by 43623392

Product: Yahoo Small Business Services

Company: Yahoo Small Business

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I had a domain and customized business email service with Yahoo Small Business since 5 years or more...

I didnt, use it much, till know that I am expanding my business and I will need to increase the services, my surprise was that now that I decided to use it, besides that the service is expensive and does not include all the features other competitors have, the online support, email and call support is the worst I discover.

Since last Friday I have been trying to change easy things in my account, such as WHOIS information, delete email accounts to create new, delete aliases etc An the system does not workI do everything by the book and Yahoo keeps sending me messages: Sorry we are enable to do this right now..Please try again later etc.

Since last Friday I contact Yahoo Small Business Support and is not worth it you have to send an email or schedule a call. They answer email in 24 hrs?...with more questions and not solving the problem. If I schedule a call is impossible, since they only call US numbers and I live in Mexico, If I ask for an international phone so I call them they only have an 800 hundred number that you can not call outside US. If I ask them to call me they say they can only call 10 digit numbers? how do they call international customers, how they give support to them.

They dont, if you are deciding to buy a Yahoo service think it twice, especially if you are an international costumer?they do not give international support calls, they do not have online chat and by email they contact you 24hr after and they do not solve problems, for your business this is not worth it.

If yahoo reads this, here are the numbers of email responses they sent back and dint solve any problem:

Re: Deleting an alias (KMM24770654V19676L0KM)

Re: Updating your WHOIS information (KMM24766883V52844L0KM)

Re: Deleting an alias (KMM24766610V47596L0KM)

Re: General troubleshooting (KMM24766584V46908L0KM)

Re: Updating your WHOIS information (KMM24758060V73554L0KM)



d7231892, 2009-10-27, 11:11PM CDT

I encontered similar situation today (2009/10/28)


186b0702, 2009-11-17, 05:28PM CST

I cant even find an number to call and since my small business account is inactive I can't send them an email. They have my domain and I can't find a way to transfer it to another ISP. I bet they ang my credit card at renew on time.

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