Toshiba - Please beware or Toshiba laptops

Posted on Thursday, February 5th, 2009 at 2:22pm CST by 1a975b1c

Product: M305-S4830

Company: Toshiba

Location: 9740 Irvine Boulevard Irvine, CA 92618-1697
Irvine, CA, 92618-1697, US


Category: Other

I purchased this computer for my wife in late september 2008. She advised me that there had been flickering lines since the computer was new but it was getting worse in November 2008. I returned it to Best-Buy, where I purchased it, 3 times for repair between mid November and early January 2009. Toshiba then had me send the computer to them to be repaired directly. Their service technition sent it back doing nothing claiming that he could not see any problem. I have lenghty conversations with Toshiba and they in effect said that they would repair it until the warantee ran out and would never replace it with a working unit. I want everyone possible to know how bad I have found this companies customer service to be. If you get a good computer that is good. If you get a bad one God help you. These people have not stood behind their product at all. This is only my experience with them but people should know before they buy about Toshiba's problems.


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