Calvary Portfolio Services, LLC - improper fair debt collections practices

Posted on Wednesday, February 4th, 2009 at 2:32pm CST by ce4f02fb

Product: Collections Company

Company: Calvary Portfolio Services, LLC

Location: Calvary Portfolio Services, LLC PO BOX 27288
Tempe, AZ, 85285, US

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I worked for Navy Federal Credit Union for several years starting in 1998 where I had several loans which were being paid faithfully. I moved to Texas in 2001. In 2003 I became a single parent with no child support. I also have a Kidney Transplant and in January of 2004 my Insurance co-pays went up by 300%, along with the price of medications. I went from living in a house to an apt. I then provided Navy Federal with proof of all this when I requested a deferment which they graciously granted. I also went on their Consumer Credit Counseling program to continue efforts to paying on my loans; I even consolidated debts with them. I did so trying to work with NFCU because I know the importance of keeping good credit. Unfortunately they only allow members on the program for 2 years, which I understand. The loans were charged off, and even then I kept on sending payments to NFCU for several months until I had exhausted all possible venues. The debts were then sent to Calvary Portfolio Services, LLC. I did everything in my power prior to that to make things work but unfortunately given the circumstances I was unable to pay. Since then I have acquired other loans out of necessity (Conn??s for a bed, Road loans for a car, etc).

I received a call from a representative from this Collections Company who proceeded to belittle me on the phone. The call came to my cell phone at 12:23 CST from 602-667-0128. They said the call was recorded (and I hope it was). This gentleman by the name of Jeremy Spitzer was beyond belligerent. I advised him of why the debt had gone bad and he told me that he has kids too and still manages to pay his bills which I found to be a VERY offensive remark given my attempts to work with NFCU. Furthermore told me I was irresponsible for not paying my bills, that I had no business getting other loans, why am I paying other people, and so forth. He did not wish to listen to what I had to say, instead said ??you are refusing to pay this debt??. I suggest you listen to that conversation. I asked Mr. Spitzer to check with NFCU to see that I indeed kept in contact and did the best I could to pay on this debt. He said he did not want top hear that, only wanted to talk about the here and now. I advised Mr. Spitzer I was going to call him from my work number, which I did at 888-750-2977. I advised him that I would like to record it from my end but he would not listen. I asked him to repeat EVERYTHING he told me over the phone, but he refused to do so, instead talked over me and just kept saying ??you are refusing to pay this debt??, then he hung up on me. I called him back 3 times and he would not answer, it went to voicemail, and I left him a message. I cannot believe Calvary Portfolio Services, LLC would employ such awful tactics to collect a debt, furthermore, NO ONE deserves to be belittled in such a demeaning manner and I truly hope that call was recorded. My blood pressure is through the roof, I have never been treated with such disrespect. I understand what happened, and unfortunately I can only do so much as a single parent with a medical condition.

I cannot be placed under such stress since it is not good for my Kidney Transplant. I answered the phone, I was polite, and I did not hang up, unlike the tactics employed by this company. I do not wish to be contacted my mail or phone by these people ever again. The audacity to point the finger and tell me I was irresponsible was unbelievable. I cannot believe NFCU would hire such a place to assist them with collections of this debt. Please investigate this matter, and feel free to contact me by mail regarding this formal complaint. Thank you.

Jose arias

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7c176af4, 2010-01-17, 07:16PM CST

The problem seems to be that you do not like being told to pay your debts! What people like you seem to forget is that you signed a contractual agreement to pay this debt, used the funds for your own gain and now that you "claim" you cant pay anything, you are offended when someone doing a job YOUR bank hired them to do, you get offended and want to complain! People like you and the attitude you have is whats wrong with our country today. People not taking responsibility for their actions! Good luck with the rest of your days...With your attitude and lack of responsibility you will need all the luck you can get!

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