FedEx - Newburgh, NY terminal - FedEx lying about delivery

Posted on Wednesday, February 4th, 2009 at 6:58pm CST by 565ebf6b

Product: FedEx Ground delivery

Company: FedEx - Newburgh, NY terminal

Location: Poughkeepsie, NY, 12601, US

Category: Other

For the second time, FedEx claimed that they attempted delivery of a package but that I was not home to receive it. Both times, I was waiting at home the entire time and never left the apartment. The driver did not ring the doorbell nor leave a delivery attempt message and I did not find out that there was even a delivery attempt until I checked the tracking website and saw that they supposedly tried to make a delivery. I believe that this was a complete fabrication on the part of the driver who made no attempt whatsoever to deliver my package even though I was home the entire time. Calls to complain have been futile and only after repeat calls to the toll free number was I able to finally talk to someone at the local terminal to lodge a complaint. In the meantime, I still don't have my package and I can't waste another day waiting around for a delivery that the driver apparently lies about.


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4816caed, 2009-02-27, 03:04PM CST

Yeah fedex is the worst! they sent me a notice saying my package is being held because they need my address. But they just sent me this notice to my address so they are a bunch of retarded fucks!

6b579e09, 2009-06-26, 04:53PM CDT

I agree 200% with you same thing just happened to me, been home all day waiting with the front door wide open and no delivery, check online said the same thing yours said, attempted to deliver no one home, that's a HUGE FAT LIE people have been here all day out in the front! Plus no attempted delivery message either stuck to the glass door or anywhere else. It's Friday so you can't tell me the driver didn't take off work!

957ca135, 2010-11-22, 04:59PM CST

Similar problem from this place as well.

They insist that my new house, that I have lived in for almost 2 years does not exist... that the address is wrong... and yet the postcards they send to notify me of this arrive.

Not to mention the last time this happened they ended up actually finding my house. So my house has since disappeared? the kicker is you can not call them to give them the information they need, so what exactly are you supposed to do?

Will not be shipping via Fedex anymore.

fc310cd0, 2010-12-24, 08:40AM CST

I had a similar issue except that FedEx due to high volume was not able to deliver it after a call to customer service. First off it was a overnight delivery it should be of a higher priority. so I check the tracking the next day and they said they attempted delivery and tried to cover there ass, this is a outright blatant lie. I paid for a overnight package and Fedex is trying to cover them selves saying they tried to deliver it when clearly they did not and even the customer service rep said they didn't. I feel like this is fraud i was paying for a overnight delivery and got the run around. needless to say i have never encountered such a company that cant get there act together and pay there employees to do a job at all costs.

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