MyMarketStreet - Office Depot Rip Off

Posted on Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009 at 10:58am CST by 4143b912

Product: HP PhotoSmart C5500

Company: MyMarketStreet

Location: Birmingham, Al, 35210, US

Category: Other

Received a HP Printer that was purchased on 12/22/08. It would not do what we needed it to do. In an attempt make the printer work we purchased additional software that turned out to be not compatible with printer. When we tried to return the printer (on 01/29/09 - 37 days later) and purchase another one that would suit our needs, Office Depot so helpfully stated that since we did not return the printer within 19 days from the date of purchase - by 01/10/09 (they were very generous to extend their normal 14 day return policy by 5 days for the holidays) that we were basically stuck with it. Office Depot will be glad to find out that Dale from corporate complaints, was extremely proficient in reciting company policy. These are exactly the type of companies that need to fail in this economic recession. Instead of making sure their customers are taken care of, they are snubbing their noses at the very ones who keep them in business. Hopefully they will find out soon that only the IRS can get away with that.


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e90f0aaa, 2009-12-02, 04:36PM CST

OFFICE DEPOT SUCKS I WASTED 588.48 BLACK FRIDAY 2009 P6228P-B IT IS REALLY SLOW ON ROADRUNNER LITE. IT HAD BEEN OPENED BEFORE I GOT IT THE COMPUTOR WASEN'T IN A SEALED PLASTIC WRAPPER. somebody else used this computor and brought it back. it is a 4 core with 8gig ram it should go fast. i called they will only trade it for another computor the same one which they don't have. i called their corperate office and told them i will sue if i don't get all my money back john ibn fla

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