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I am a member at body visions fitness centre in bear, Delaware. When I walked in that building several months ago and signed my membership I couldn't wait to get started to a healthier lifestyle and this place wow! Cardio, nice equipment, great staff, wonderful daycare. Well I have a lot to say now. I am so disgusted with how this place looks now. If you are lucky to even sit on a clean toilet, have soap in the sinks or paper towels to dry your hands off with, also towels for the equipment. then IT'S a good day, the place has gone to hell in a hand bag during the last 2 months

lets talk about the daycare I bring my 3 yr old to, I don't even want to bring her there, the floors, the walls, the toys & the bathroom alone are gross to say the least, I feel like I need to wrap her in saran wrap so she won't be exposed to germs. I cannot tell you how many people bring their children there that have snot just oozing from their noses, and every time my daughter gets a cold guess where she picked it up from? That's right, that body visions fitness centre. My child was never, ever sick until I started to bring her to the daycare at body visions. I've complained to the manager and his dumb ass assistant about the cleanliness and many other issues about the gym. Both managers brushed me off. so as I have noticed for some time the equipment has about an inch of gunk on them and under them, forget it probably about 2 inches of dirt and fuzz on the floor.

Lets talk about the fitness aerobic area of body visions, can I just tell you the hairballs and [stuff] that are just floating all over the floor. What about using a dry mop. the stench that comes from the cardio area will make anyone just about double over, and how sick and tired I am of having to hear people grunting and slamming down the weights, not to mentioned the profanity of the members from this garbage gym. It used to be nice to go in when the heat was working. Matter of fact last week, I wanted to take a shower and wasn't able to do it because they didn't have any running water. What kind of a B.S. gym this is and the stupid people running it. anyway, now lets see there are now 4 treadmills at body visions fitness centre that don't work, I know of 2 on the floor alone have not been fixed for 2 months.

I don't even want to go there anymore. I heard too many bad things that happen to this gym during the last couple of months. I heard there is a rumor going on that the owners of body visions fitness centre was up for sale. After telling my friends about this, they said it is true, body visions fitness centre is going to be sold. And because of that many members felt cheated, (can't blame them) left the gym. When I heard that is rumor was for real, I was pissed off. Here I am a member of this now crap hole gym and now instead of trying to correct things, they want to screw the members and sale the gym. Matter of fact my friend gave me a paper that shows body visions fitness center is officially up for sale. The website is

My advice don't ever,ever joined this piece of shit gym...what a loser

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22fa3669, 2009-10-11, 03:36PM CDT

This message is for the review written dated 10-8-2009. You say I need to get a life, you need to find another gym. I'm a realtor in the state of Delaware. All you have to do and anybody who reads this reveiw is paste or type

in your web browser and you will find out that John,Judy and Shawn are putting the gym up for sale. Body Visions Fitness Centre is loosing money every day they are open. Trust me, it's true. Several years ago, Body Visions was the only gym in Bear, De. Now they have huge compeition from Bear YMCA, 1614, Retro Fitness, and others.

The current Manager at Body Visions is Vince. According to reports (official) from the Dept of Labor, and Dept of Health, Body Visions Fitness Centre have been cited several times. I promise you, this gym will fall to the ground within a year. It's dying a slow death with the current management at the helm!

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