TDS Telecom - Phone company employee wrongly shut off my phone.

Posted on Friday, February 27th, 2009 at 7:55pm CST by 877f869b

Company: TDS Telecom

Location: P. O. Box 94510
Palatine, Il, 60094, US


Category: Other

I have a complaint.

I have been a TDS customer for at least 10 years. I am a single mom, and I admit that I have gotten behind on my bill from time to time, but I have always paid my bill, and do not recall ever having my phone shut off.

Last week I got a notice that my service was going to be disconnected if 50 dollars was not recieved by March 3.

A few days earlier, I had sent a $25 payment, through my bank. TDS had not recieved the payment yet, when I had called pay the other 25.

The person who I spoke to said that no matter what, if that check had not gotten to them by the 3rd, they were going to disconnect my service.

As I said, I have been a customer for 10 yrs. And could not believe that they were going to disconnect me over 25 dollars.

I was a little upset, and may not have been really sweet to the girl on the phone, and I did hang up on her.

Well, today, my phone was shut off. She had apparently gotten upset with me, and sent in a disconnect - end service notice, or whatever you call it. But when I called to find out why my phone was disconnected, they said that I had requested it. I DID NOT!

It wasnt even the late payment date yet.

After being on the phone AT WORK for 45 minuites, they finally said that they could get my same phone number back for me, and get my service back up. IN A WEEK!!!

I AM OUTRAGED!! I cannot believe that just because one of their employees gets upset with someone, that they can cause them this much grief!!!

My father has just recently had a stroke, he has family two thousand miles away, trying to keep in touch and find out how he is doing. Not to mention if the care facility needs to get in touch with me.

And I just put an ad in the newspaper to try to rent his house out, to help with some of his expenses. People are not likely to call back a number that has been disconnected. How much will that cost me?


I never told her to disconect my phone.

How many others will she do this to?


d71fd707, 2010-02-05, 01:04PM CST

I paid my bill at a pay site and now they shut my service off. I tried to give the receipt number and was told that it would stay on.

4c7fa04d, 2010-09-07, 06:40PM CDT

I'm wondering if there isn't major customer service issues between Illinois & Wisconsin. This evening I asked if TDS covered Illinois and they said no. The representative went on to tell me that they had no service in the state of Illinois. It's odder still since the phone service that is at the owner's summer home in WI has TDS services which were purchased/signed up for based upon TDS's knowledge that the owner lives in Illinois and works for the City of Chicago therefore has to maintain residency with in the City of Chicago's city limits. It's an odd thing because after having signed up for the service over two months ago, features that were part of the package sold still are not working and/or functioning.

It's truly frustrating!!

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