Croma - Faulty Toshiba Fridge Slod by Croma, Bangalore

Posted on Friday, February 27th, 2009 at 2:47am CST by ed23be33

Product: Toshiba 614 Lts Fridge

Company: Croma

Location: HM Vibha Towers, 1st Floor, # 25, Hosur Road, Koramangala
Bangalore, Ka, 560029, IN


Category: Other

ATTENTION: Nidhi (Store Manager), Croma, Koramangala, Bangalore

I purchased a Toshiba Fridge (614 lts) from Croma in January. It was bought at a discounted price as the salesman (Daniel) said that it was the last piece in the store and also that it had a few dents on the body. I asked Daniel to switch on the fridge to check if it was actually working. In about 5-10 minutes after the fridge was switched on, it started cooling and I told him that he could now switch off the fridge and pack it up for delivery to my house. The fridge was delivered after 2 days even though the initial promise was that it would be delivered within 24 hours. But then it was ok as they said that the warehouse folks were on a holiday or something on those lines. I did not bother too much on the delay.

Three days after I took delivery of the fridge, the Demo guys from Toshiba came to take down the serial number of the fridge. I told them that the fridge was not cooling enough. They told me that they were sent just to do the demo and that for any technical issues / complaints I should call up Croma customer care. To confirm if the fridge was really cooling as it should be, I kept a box of ice cream in the freezer overnight. My fears were confirmed when the box of ice cream i had kept in the freezer melted and was now all over the freezer. I immediately called up the Croma customer care and spoke to Sheena. She took my complaint and promised to send the Toshiba service guys to my house the next day. Sadly, it took 1 week and numerous follow-up calls to Croma to get the service guys to come and check the fridge. They checked the fridge and Sunil (one of the service guys) informed me that the PCB and the Freezer fan were faulty and that it had to be replaced. I told him that since the fridge is hardly 2 weeks old, I want a replacement fridge and not just the parts. He gave me the cell number of Govindan (Toshiba Regional Manager) and asked me to speak to him. I have been trying to contact him since that day but sadly my calls always go unanswered.

I called up Croma again and spoke to Sheena about the replacement. She told me that they will speak to Toshiba guys and let me know. This exercise has been going on for over a month now. Today, a customer service representative calls from Croma and tells me that they don't have the exact model, but that I can pick up any other model available in the store. Let me make it clear to you once again as I have done many times in the past - I DO NOT WANT TO DEAL WITH CROMA ANYMORE, so choosing another model from your store is completely out of the question. My patience is running out now and I definitely need a closure to this problem SOON.

I am giving you two options: 1. Replace my fridge with a new one (exact same model) 2. Take back the fridge and refund my money.

If Croma does not agree on either of the above two options, I will be left with no other choice but to take legal action and file a complaint against Croma in the consumer court.





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