Southridge Chrysler - Southridge Chrysler up to the same tricks

Posted on Thursday, February 26th, 2009 at 10:06am CST by 4d539aa7

Product: Non refundable Deposits

Company: Southridge Chrysler

Location: 12 Southridge Drive Okotoks Alberta T1S-1N1
Okotoks, Al, T1S 1N1, CA


Category: Other

On Feb.21 2009 my girlfriend and I went to look at used trucks. There were no prices on any of the vehicles so we went into the sales office to inquire and we were introduced to Mr Chuck Franson, there was no listing on the truck but he said if we wanted to put in an offer it would require a $1000.00 deposit but we were not informed of THEIR conditions

We were then introduced to Mr Shawn Ross buisness manager We told him that I wished to be financed and that he would work on it

We talked to him again on the 24 of Febuary as my situation had changed and wanted our deposit back he said no as my girlfriend was approved for financing

I requested a copy of the deposit receipt and was told no I requested copies of his "LEGWORK" and was again told no I requested a meeting with the owner and was told the only people I would be dealing with is Chuck Franson and himself

I feel we were pressured by both Shawn Ross and Chuck Franson into purchasing this truck and want uor $1000.00 deposit back and an appology from Mr John Gotch for the shawdy sales and buisnessservice we received

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748865c8, 2011-09-19, 07:35PM CDT

No surprises here. Their service department (if you want to call it that) wrongly diagnosed my engine problem to the tune of $800.00 for parts I didn't require. Problem was a $60.00 part which I was able to replace myself. Subsequent letters to the Manager John Gotch has resulted in no replies to date. I have given up on ever seeing my $800.00. Expensive lesson learned. BTW...they are not members of the BBB. No surprise there.

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