The Bay #1142 Guildford, Surrey BC - The Bay - Customer Service / Delivery Service Very Poor

Posted on Wednesday, February 25th, 2009 at 11:59am CST by 41c74070

Product: Delivery and Follow Up of Customer Service

Company: The Bay #1142 Guildford, Surrey BC

Location: 1400 Guildford Town Center
Surrey, BC, V3R 7C1, CA


Category: Other

Please be advised that it is now Wednesday morning 9:20am and I have yet to have my call of Monday morning 7am returned where I asked to speak to a Manager. Mr. Anirban was in a meeting at the time of my original call. Secondly, on the guarantee of your CSR Shadeep Emp # 118676 I was to have a call returned with in 24hours of my call on Friday, Feb 20th and I have yet to have that.

I have tried numerous times to reach someone with authority in your organization and have failed. I have contacted your head office with no response.

I am done!! I want this couch picked up and all my monies returned. I am not happy with the product or the service that I have been experiencing. I have gone to the store directly where I purchased the furniture and was advised that it I needed to make contact this way as they couldn't do anything. I am now going to the newspapers with this as I am fed up with the service.

Seems that the Customer Service / Delivery Service that is offered is not even on the same system as the stores themselves so even if the sales people at the department store wanted to help they couldn't.

My demand now is that I want a full refund of the monies spent and not in HBC gift cards. I unfortunately took advantage of the deferred payment plan via my HBC credit card and have to date made payments to this card. As it stands right now I have a balance of $701 owing. This has caused undue stress and much resentment for your store. I now have to go out and look for new furniture again!! and require the cash that I paid to the credit card to do so. I will never purchase furniture from the Bay again!!

I am writing to you today as I am very UNHAPPY with the service that I am have received from your customer service centre. I have contacted them now on five (5) separate occasions with regards to this order and to this date still have not received any compensation for my concerns.

On Dec 24th we were at your Guildford Store (Branch 1142). We purchased the Westwood Series Sectional that you had on sale

Item 74744277 $599

Item 74744160 $500

Item 74744343 $199

Delivery 03511953 $59.99

Furniture Protection $129.99

Total purchase price $1666.54

We were advised that everything was in stock and that it would be delivered on Jan 4th, 2009. We made arrangements to have all our other furniture moved and out of the way for this delivery.

Jan 4th, 2009 - both sections of the couch are delivered, however the delivery men were only able to bring the smaller section up the stairs and due to the snow advised that they would be back to bring up the other part when the ottoman would be delivered.

Jan 12th - received call from HBC advising that the ottoman was on back order and would now not be delivered till Feb7th, 2009. Having said that our other piece of the couch is still sitting in our garage waiting to be brought up!!

Feb 7th - not able to wait any longer my boyfriend and myself carried the large piece of the sectional up and around the building to bring it in thru the back of the house (paying for delivery really helped here now didn't it). Especially when you have a person that has had back surgery (myself) carrying in the couch. Top it off.. we were supposed to have the ottoman delivered today between 12 - 6pm. We were home by 10:30 till 6:30 and NOTHING, no CALL or ANYTHING!! You want some very angry customers... you got them now!!

Feb 8th - my boyfriend called your CS Line 1-866-809-8210 (call #1) to complain and find out what happened. He was advised that the ottoman was in Calgary and would be delivered at the end of the week. (We were very upset to hear this!!

Feb 9th - I call the CS Line 1-866-809-8210 (call #2) to complain, I spoke with a woman by the name Shadeep, and she advised me that the driver noted that we were not home and that is why we didn't have our delivery take place on Feb 7th as planned. Now you tell me... how can a driver say that we weren't home when the product is still in Calgary 12 hours away!!!. She advised that the ottoman would be delivered at the end of the week and that I would have to wait for it to be delivered before I could even talk about compensation for this poor service. She guaranteed me that it would be delivered.

Feb 11th - I get a call from HBC saying my delivery will take place on Feb 12th between 4 - 9pm. I have been advised that the delivery team will call me 1/2 an hour before delivery to confirm.

Feb 12th - I am home by 3:30pm and wait patiently for delivery @ 8:30pm still have not heard from the delivery team.... @ 8:56pm the doorbell rings and it is the delivery guys, they bring the ottoman upstairs and don't even unpack it, they just get me to sign and leave.

Feb 13th - at 7am I call your CS Line 1-866-809-8210 (call #3) speak to another person by the name of Shadeep (this one a male) and we discuss the issues at hand, he advises at first that he'll give me a $30 credit. I am not happy with that considering the amount of our purchase and push for more. At this time I have asked to speak to a manager and am consistently put on hold and then told he's in a meeting they won't put me thru. So I am told that they will put in for a credit of $60 (to cover the delivery charges) and that someone will call me from the Credit dept to confirm. I am given a Ticket # of 926945

Feb 16th - I should of received the call from your AR dept (no call)

Feb 20th - I have let a whole week go by in hopes that I will hear from your AR/Credit dept and don't. I call your CS Line 1-866-809-8210 (call #4) again, I speak to ANOTHER person by the name of Shadeep, this one actually gives me his Emp # 118676. I go thru the whole spiel again, and rightly so I am very irate with the situation. How much confidence do you think I have in that every time I call I am speaking with a person by the name of Shadeep and that they are very evasive in their mannerisms. I have asked to speak with a Manager every time and they won't put me thru!!. At this time he has personally guaranteed me that I will have a call from the AR/Credit dept within 24hours. This means that My call to them at 7:20am on Friday morning should of been returned by Saturday Feb 21st no later than 7:20am. Guess what... It is now 8am on Monday,

Feb 23rd and I still haven't heard from anyone!!!

Feb 23rd - your CS Line 1-866-809-8210 (call #5) I am really in no mood to speak to your front line people and demand to speak to a manager... oh look at that... he's in a meeting (seems that there is always an excuse!!). I have given him till 9am PST time to contact me. If I don't hear back from him I am taking this further. I habe been told that a Mr Anirban will be calling me, so says the CSR that I spoke with this morning her name was Tina.

At this point, I would like to say that I am very unhappy with the service that I have received from the Hudson Bay Company!! Due to the delay in delivery of the ottoman the die lots don't match with the sectional pieces. Of course we were not able to advise the Bay of this issue in the one (1) month time period that is given once the couch is delivered as we didn't get our Ottoman till over a month later. To top it off, we have now found this EXACT couch on SALE from the Sale price that we purchased it at for $999 (yes that is for all 3 pcs) at the Edmonton Kingsway store. I am so unhappy that I want this whole sectional and ottoman picked up and returned to the store, my HBC card credited the amount that I have paid towards it already (believe we have a balance of $701, still owing) and then I want the credit that I have on the HBC Credit Card to be paid out to me in a cheque basis so that I can go elsewhere and purchase my furniture!!! I will never purchase furniture from The Bay again, this has left a very sour taste in my mouth. I grew up with The Bay, my parents bought things from you, I furnished my first home thru The Bay, but I can tell you right now... I will never buy furniture from you again.

I am tired of all the promises and the lack of care that your customer service department and stores gives it's customers.


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eef8d3da, 2011-02-02, 07:58PM CST

The Bay Sucks...never shop there!

0926e9b5, 2011-06-22, 11:06PM CDT

My husband and I have just had a horrible experience after purchasing a sectional from the Bay as well. First it was delivered two weeks late (over two months after we placed the order!). To make the late delivery worse two right hand sofa pieces were delivered instead of one right and one left. This meant we couldn't put the couch together. I called and arranged a new delivery of the correct pieces, but had to wait another 5 weeks!!! When the sectional finally arrived (almost 4 months after the original purchase date!) it was wrong again!!!! We have now cancelled the order and had to make a visit to our sales rep, call customer service to schedule a pickup AND call the credit department only to find out that we have to call back after our card has been refunded in order to get a cheque in the mail. This is a never-ending nightmare! It's unfortunate that the warehouse/delivery departments are so inept--they are really the ones at fault here.

134dea5c, 2011-09-21, 05:25PM CDT

I am currently having the same problems with the Bay and there CS line! The evasiveness, the broken promises, it has been extremely frustrating to say the least.

I don't understand how such a large company can treat their customers so poorly, especially after they have made a mistake.

Hope it all turned out ok

fd644ed4, 2012-01-19, 10:36AM CST

I as well am experiencing a long exhausting headache with their CS line. 45 days ago we ordered a mattress set and the delivery date came and went without any mattress. No one called us to inform us that our mattress was actually on back order.

It has been 30 days since the delivery date and we have been battling the CS line for answers as to where our bed is and when it is going to be delivered. An entire month has gone by and no forward progress. Just broken promises and unreturned phone calls. Their CS line is absolutely useless.

The only helpful person in this entire circus has been the department manager at the local store. It is unfortunate though that she is not in the position, nor has the power to help us out at this stage.

At this point we are trying to get in touch with someone with higher authority that may actually be able to help us out.

75fd2439, 2012-01-26, 08:37PM CST

It is jan 2012 and their customer service is still ousy . I purchased a new dryer waited 10 days for it to arrive. so I get my dryer plug it in and try to use it , it wont stay on so I call the customer service line they say we will have a service call back to you in 72hours. 72hours goes by no call so I call back the girl says sorry we are backed up it will 48 more hours. I said are you serious its a brand new dryer that does not work and I have to wait for a service call before anything gets done.Yes mame i am still waiting.

62d6791f, 2012-02-03, 08:18AM CST

We too have had major problems with customer service at The Bay. They keep calling us tell us furniture will be delivered on a certain day and time. Guess what? Nobody shows up or even call us. The Bay calls that Service Excellence. Customer service at the Bay is totally inadequate.

4c6fe6ea, 2014-08-31, 01:52PM CDT

There doesn't seem to be a general consensus as to whether the scheduling of a a delivery item is feasible: one customer representative suggested that the said item must actually be at the warehouse prior to making a schedule, and another customer rep advised that it was possible, and the whole time, put me on hold only to say that he could not sort out delivery scheduling.

The contact number in question has automated prompts are that very difficult to navigate, if at all. Some options are faulty, and feed backs aren't not recognized..

HBC needs to have a better system in place..

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