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Posted on Wednesday, February 25th, 2009 at 11:14am CST by 8927511a

Product: ADSL

Company: Orange / France Telecom

Location: Barcelona, ES


Category: Other

I moved to in Barcelona a year and 8 months ago. Mine is a very atypical case, but it should nevertheless be mentioned as a warning to the new and incautious, especially in Spain. Im sure it does not represent the majority of cases. This said, I want to make an example out of my own case with setting up internet at home and let you know of potential pitfalls and cracks of the system. Do take this as a disclaimer and keep my description of events under that light.

I want to share with you that I have a signed contract with Orange for ADSL services, and 13 months after I joined up with them (yes, you read it right - 13 months, thats over a 1 year / un ao), I still havent enjoyed ONE minute of service in my house. You must be thinking that maybe up in my cave on the mountain there are no landlines... Let me just tell you that I do not live up in the mountains or anything of the sort. I live in an area where many people in my building take full advantage of internet "privileges", and my flat mates even manage to occasionally pull out some from the neighbours. For those who need to use or work web based on a somewhat constant basis though, I would recommend evaluating the risks of signing up with the well branded company that goes by the name of the same color. Most cases I know personally, have had no problems whatsoever thus far. And thats precisely where I want to add my 2 cents. In the remote possibility that you do run into a problem, thats where you hit the wall, Im afraid.

You see, the entire Orange system is standardized and automatized. It has little space for non common issues. And to my knowledge, the small component of it that requires human interaction, does not respond very promptly or even efficiently. In my realm, that translates into months of calling customer support, technical services, billing department, being put on hold endless minutes while phone melodies prepare me for the next foreign / Hispanic / Equatorian employee. This next one, invariably rushes me through the procedures Ive been explained far too many times, using his/her local accent while he redirects me to the correct department. I am then told that I should await for Orange to reestablish contact while the tech dept is working on the best solution to my case. - I may add at this point that one thing has remained constant al throughout this process, thats the billing. Ive been receiving my monthly receipts from Orange, you can count on them for that! Yes, I have been paying for unrendered services, believing all along that common sense and rational based thinking would prevail in the end and that Id be compensated for it at a later point. Last November, the billing stopped, I had it suspended after a discussion with someone from billing dept.

Take a minute to breathe, laugh or taunt, if you wish:)

I had a land line installed in December 2007, and from that point on, I supposedly was enabled to setup and install my modem and start surfing the World Wide Web. But it just so happened that it didnt go according to plan. The land line belongs to Telefonica, and the latter company holds complete monopoly of underground cableways. After many attempts to resolve my issue telephonically, technician visits to my house, Im told that its Telefonicas responsibility that the signal is not coming to my house. Repeatedly, the operator convinces me that Oranges Technical Dept will get in touch with Telefonicas so that in conjunction, they can resolve this issue. An incident is open, I wait for Orange to get back to me with good news, but this is the one thing that hasnt happened so far. I then go back to square one, file another incidence, and repeat.

After a few rounds of the same procedure, I tried breaking the contract, which basically means I would have to buy my way out of it - another 65. I tried calling the complaints dept, I always talk to someone who convinces me theres a new functionality in Orange for this kind of things, that if I stay with them, not only will they resolve the issue but theyll also gladly discount 50% off my next 3 months bill. Ive had another technician come to my house and after running more tests Lo and behold, the problem remains.

Note: my Spanish is school graded as a 9 out of a 0-10 scale, so you can remove the lost in translation factor out of this, Ive been understanding and making myself understood very well every time I talk to an operator on the phone.

Ive been told the relationship between the 2 giants is not the best and that this is possibly the reason why theyre letting this one client slip through the cracks, so my bottom line after this long debrief is that if I want to make this be well known and said out aloud. Orange could do much better of a service!

From the feedback I gathered so far, its all fine just as long as one doesnt have a problem (as redundant as that may sound). If you get in a situation where you need assistance, a google search will provide plenty of examples of other Orange disgruntled customers. And thats a BIG if for you to consider before signing a one-plus binding contract with a giant company.


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