Casio Repair Center, - ECasio Repair - BIG Rip-off!!!!

Posted on Tuesday, February 24th, 2009 at 5:44pm CST by 1891e6f0

Product: Casio Exilim Digital Camera

Company: Casio Repair Center,

Location: 570-R Mt. Pleasant Avenue,
Dover, NJ, US


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I sent a Casio Exilim EX-Z1080 digital camera to the repair center because the lens was stuck. The warranty had expired, which I was aware of, so they sent me an estimate. At that time, I was offered an upgrade for a newer model. Since the cost of the upgrade was a little more than the cost of the repair, I opted for the upgrade. The upgrade was a refurbished camera with a one year warranty. Two weeks after receiving the upgrade, the lens stuck on that one also and since it was under warranty, I returned it. When my daughter went on their website to check the status, there was a quote for another repair charge. My daughter called them to dispute the charge because it was under warranty, and they said that the lens had make-up in it and that was why it was stuck......and that it was not covered under the warranty. First of all, my daughter DOES NOT wear make-up. Second, even if she did, she would of had to have buried the camera in a pile of make-up for it to cause this damage. And all this in two weeks. This company is a huge rip-off, looking to make money off of unsuspecting consumers. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT send any Casio item to this company for repairs. I have taken matters into my own hands. I have already filed a dispute with my credit card company and I am in the process of filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau as suggested by my credit card company. If you deal with these scammers, BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!


0a396237, 2010-10-06, 02:04PM CDT

I can second that. I have bought several casio exilim cameras , about 7 over the past 3 years for myself and gifts etc. The lens also stuck and the camera was under warranty so I shipped it back to their repair center as per thir instructions. This was in July!! It is now Octber and I still have not recieved my repaired camera or a replacement. I have tried calling them numerous times and the only response I can get is that they were doing inventory and I should be recieving one soon. This is the ame response I recieved on august 5th. Like I said It is now October, The manager will not return my calls and the CSR cannot give me any better info than to check the website for shipping update. Needless to say, all those casio cameras I bought will happen no more. I will stick to Panasonic.

666999a2, 2010-10-27, 08:23PM CDT

I have had my own set of issues as well.

call xxx the manager @ 1-800-706-2534 #2.

It seems there are 3 departments in this building, and none of them are very responsive in communicating with eachother, as I was told by xxx. The main women I talked to when calling did not give the same answers and kept telling me to call back every day. On the website of a non-ESS inquiry when you get your repair option it says right there in print "we only have silver cameras" so if you pressed for a color one and pay for it, you will be waiting a long time. EVEN though it says they will send a silver one instead, xxx told me they do not because people get very angry when they do not get the color they ordered. And consequently in my case they did neglect to tell me and they didnt send one out, i found out when i was calling for a tracking number, she said i could wait up to 3/4 weeks for "the color" to come in. SHe had no idea what it said on the website!? Now I do not care what color the camera is I just needed a damn camera for work and ASAP!

All in all it was alot of work for nothing. Walmart has a price of $149 for the Exilim z2000 right now, and with tax and the cost of $129 at the refurbish center it is NOT cost effective, considering you add the $12 I paid to ship my 2 cameras to them. I wouldve been better off buying it and having a new camera in my hands in 3 days from Walmart. Yah I agree. AVOID the repair center at all costs. Alot of runaround and bad communication within the company. I am still waiting for my 2 upgrade cameras to arrive.

Oh yes one told me they could ship it pririty if i paid $14.95 and then the next woman said I couldnt, then the next one had me on hold for a total of 45 minutes(2 calls) and camr back and said yes i just talked to the manager and we can send it faster for $14.95... um yah, not happenin. So no one knows whats going on in there.

xxx did not give me any discounts of any kind, he just listened and told me bad communiation was internal and it was slow getting info from dept to dept. He listened to my complaints but had no solution except to say he understood and was sorry. Hmmm. VERY Nice guy but company has shitty customer service. Which was discussed that the system was flawed and he knew that... What do you do with that!? uh. You buy another brand of camera is what I am going to do, one w a reputable customer service.

I have been a loyal Casio user. I have had good results with the pictures and am sad that I will not to be buying Casio products after these 2 refurbs break. But I must move on as I cannot deal with that again, ever....

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