Fleetcor/ Chevron Business Card - Chevron Texaco credit cards

Posted on Tuesday, February 24th, 2009 at 4:46pm CST by c5f27592

Product: Gas Card

Company: Fleetcor/ Chevron Business Card

Location: PO Box 9560
Concord, Ca, 94524, US

URL: http://www.chevrontexacobusinesscard.com/index.asp

Category: Other

While traveling I was told by a Chevron employee to post my payments to a center in North Carolina. I did this for 3 months. Upon returning I found I was in collection with GE Money Bank.

I had unwittingly posted payments to Chevron Business Card (Fleetcor), not Chevron Residential, two different banks.

I have sent Fleetcor copies of the cancelled checks and my contact info which they admit receiving 30 days ago but they will not contact me or refund my money.

I am in collection with GE money bank, where-by collection agents call 10 times a day/7 days a week starting at 8:30 am and ending at 9pm. Both of these banks are Chevron, so Chevron has my money, but I am in collection anyway. I have had zero results getting any refund or communication between banks, or the collection agency. I had been a loyal Chevron customer for 8 years with no late payments or missed payments. All problems started when GE Money Bank took over and cancelled E-billing and I was given a wrong address. Why Fleetcor refuses to refund my money and is acting as if I don't exist, well, its just plain outright theft.

I will never use a Chevron Card again, nor if I can help it EVER go to a Chevron Texaco gas station.


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6e6ab74e, 2009-10-02, 01:45AM CDT

You should consider consulting with a lawyer about collection harrassment. To call you 8:30am - 9:00pm is unacceptable. You can search the internet for many lawyers who love to take you case on a contigency basis. Set the lawyer on their back and enjoy the ride!

7ef512bb, 2009-10-02, 01:51AM CDT

Consider consulting with a lawyer for collection harrassment. Calling 8:30am -9:00pm, 10X a day 24/7 is unacceptable. Search the internet for the lawyer.They love to take your case on contingency basis. Turn the table on collection agents, set the lawyer on their back and enjoy the ride.

Sally E., 2009-11-23, 01:23PM CST

My experience with GE Money Bank this month is similar in that I believe they are holding off the posting of payments to collect a $15.00 late fee. Profits are down and they need to screw good customers to make up for their losses.

I was a good pay-on-time customer with Chevron/Texaco for 34 YEARS until this month when I cancelled my account. I mailed five payments on 10/30/09 and all were posted by 11/5/09 except for my Chevron/Texaco payment which took 12 days to post. GE Money Bank told me they COULD NOT reverse they charge, so I told them I will NEVER make that $15.00 payment and to close the account. Chevron/Texaco lost a good customer thanks to these practices!

a78c5dba, 2010-02-13, 05:09PM CST

This is disturbing....my complaint is that I cannot find a place to pay my bill...I tried registering and kept getting the message that my entries did not match records of my mother's maiden name...if I have never registered how could you have a maiden name for my mother?

I found many sites for applyng for a credit card but nothing at the top for paying as your customer service recorded message states.

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