Verizon Wireless

Posted on Monday, February 23rd, 2009 at 2:58pm CST by 9fae26e4

Product: celluar service

Company: Verizon Wireless

Location: Texas, Tx, 77802, US

Category: Other

As of today, it has been almost 4 days that I have been waitng for a Supervisor to call me back regarding my account. Last week I spent a total, this is no joke, 4 hours trying to resolve this issue. This does not include the 5, count them, 5 other times I have tried to resolve my issue.

My issue is I have been charged 58.28 for cell service I no longer have, but I have received mis- information concening how to deal with my account from 3 reps. Finally, I got a rep last week who tried to resolve the issue with the wireless dept, I have one bill, and was bascially told they do not credit based on misinformation from one of their reps. Are you kidding me? Verizon is not interested in cultivating their clients. All they are interested in is making money which is very apparent when dealing with their customer service reps because they are poorly trained. Had I known what I know now, I would never have gone with a verizon. Being a customer who pays on time, before the due date, and never causing any trouble, has not benefited me in anyway. I don't know how this will end and I hope to get my money back, but I can't warn others enough, that this company is not customer friendly.

I would think in these hard economic times, verizon would have the leadership that recognizes the value of good customers and instilling in their employees good customer service skills. It is apparent this is not taking place, and those that are designing the training programs need to be reassigned and new, fresh, innovative leadership needs to take over. The value of a company is not measured by just how much they made each quarter, but what their reputation is and how they are viewed by the customers they serve.


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