Atilla Akalin - HTC Touch- Always problem..

Posted on Monday, February 23rd, 2009 at 2:03pm CST by d611dab0

Company: Atilla Akalin

Location: istanbul, TR

Category: Other

I bought an HTC Touch from Darty Turkey around 1 year ago and at the first time sound system was broken and after one month I received my mobile and saw that they have changed the sound board as it was under quarantee. After changing the sound board the problem was over and everything was OK.

Second time I noticed that my mobile does not come up and again I gave it back to the company for repair.

I took more than one month to repair and I learned that HTC has changed the mainboard.

Third time I had performance problems. After opening a few programs it was giving "not enouh memory" error message and I needed to reset my mobile 2-3 times a week so that I can work with it.

I gave it back to the company for repair because of performance problems on 02.01.2009 and they informed me that I can have my repaired mobile on 16.02.2009. They told that they changed the mainboard again..!!!

As a result I bought my HTC PDA one year ago and I was not able to use it for 4 months because it was under repair.

I opened a ticket (09TRCW04TRA000031 ) to HTC Turkey as requesting a new mobile phone and do not want my mobile back. They told that they will investigate the situation but they closed the ticket without informing me..

I should say I was happy with design and usage of my mobile but the quality and result was dissapointing for me..

I have never seen such level of quality and customer support in all my life...!!!

I also thought that Darty which I bought the HTC is a big company but they are not helpful either..



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