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Posted on Sunday, February 22nd, 2009 at 3:59pm CST by acd55c5d

Product: HP Pavilion dv5z series laptop

Company: HP

Location: US

URL: http://hp.com/

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I'm writing this review and posting it to get a much needed message out: DO NOT BUY HP PRODUCTS.

I am a 21-year-old full-time college student with a full-time job. I owned a desktop computer and was looking to purchase a laptop, because of convince. Little did I know the hell HP would put me through, please save yourselves from having to go through this.

Here is my story:

I bought a HP Pavilion dv5z series laptop from hp.com in August of 2008, after browsing through several Web sites and stores; it seemed like the best deal. It arrived a week later and I was happy to have it for about a month.

Almost immediately, I experienced problems with the computer freezing during the start-up installation. From there on out, the system would drag and it would take a long time for it the computer to shut off. The operating system was Vista, but the Acer desktop I owned never had the same issues.

I was puzzled and annoyed, but ignored the problems.

Then, the internet connection would sporadically stop working. I'd have to reboot the entire system, and fumble around for hours to get it back on. Im very knowledgeable with technology, but it was getting annoying. I had high-speed internet and there were three other computers in my home at the time, including a new Dell laptop that was connecting just fine.

Finally, in the beginning of November I could no longer connect to the internet after it would disconnect in the middle of a session.

So, on November 11 the worst of what was to come began. I started to call and email HP for assistance in fixing my new computer.

I was sent a new wireless card, to install myself. I put it in, and the laptop still didn't work. So, I was told to ship out my entire laptop. It was gone for several days and then when I got it back, it was still broken.

I sent several emails to HP after I got my laptop back. It was not until Dec. 1, after three attempts, that I heard back from them, with an auto reply.

Later on that day, I received another email to troubleshoot. On Dec. 4, I was asked to send my mailing, shipping information etc. and I was told I would get a call within 24 hours. I did not.

So on Dec. 6 I called HP. At that point, I was assigned a Case Manager, who didn't contact me until nearly a week later, on Dec. 12.

I told him my story and he directed me to the HP Shopping Department, where I was told I needed to speak with the case manager and "I'm not sure why he would direct you here."

The person at the Shopping Department said I should be issued a refund, told me his name and badge number and instructed me to call the Case Manager back to ask him to do so.

I called the Case Manager back and he told me the Shopping Department had to issue the refund.

Completely confused about whom to ask what, I asked the Case Manager if I could speak to his supervisor or someone above him, which he adamantly refused.

So, I called the Corporate Headquarters.

After calling I was transferred to Customer Relations. I gave the woman who I was speaking to all the information (I was documenting everything from point one).

She told me someone above my Case Manager would contact me in 24 - 48 hours.

After instead my Case Manager called me and I complained an Executive Case Manger emailed me on Dec. 15.

He asked me to call him. When I did he looked up my receipt information and I was becoming optimistic that he knew what he was doing and would help me.

He said he would look into the refund and I would get it if HP, "did something wrong," and "tried to fix it."

He said he'd call me back with "several options."

However, he called back on Dec. 17 with one option - a replacement, no refund, no other choices.

At that point I began emailing HP's CEO with no prevail.

I did receive this automated message, but never heard from anyone in regard to the email.

"On behalf of Hewlett-Packard we apologize for the recent frustrations. We appreciate your taking the time to let us know your thoughts on this matter. Your message has been forwarded to the appropriate group within HP for further review. Thank you, CEO Customer Relations"

Here is an excerpt from the email I sent on Dec. 28:

"I was told that to issue a refund, an incident must be reoccurring and HP should have first tried to repair the product, but my Case Manager and Executive Case Manger argued it wasn't "reoccurring enough," or the company didn't "have enough time."

Mr. Hurd, I did not wait 37 days to argue what is enough. With modern technology that is a long time and no where in the company's policy does it state a time frame.

I bought a product that did not work the way it was described to be able to work. I have been told a replacement product is my only option. I'm writing to you in hope that I have another option.

When I spoke with (name) yesterday he told me he would call me today with options. Although, today he only gave me one choice - take a replacement or he'll close the case.

I am not satisfied with that because of the wait I had to go through and the unprofessional customer service I had to deal with."

My contact with HP went on until Jan. 8. I persistently tried to reach someone, anyone at the company who would would so much as care that a customer was upset. Yet no one ever got back to me.

On Jan. 8 there were:

-40 emails to HP.

-4 additional emails to the CEO of HP.

-20 phone calls.

-2 shipments.

-And a major headache.

I had to send my old computer through FedEx to HP. I had to pay for the box, packaging, and shipment. I enclosed a letter asking to be reimbursed and I'm not surprised I never heard from them.

I got a replacement computer. At first, I contemplated putting it up for sale on Amazon.com, but reconsidered. I don't want to spring any of the problems I had onto anyone else.

Don't be fooled by how HP's product look. Yes, they're lovely, but as is said "there's always a catch." The catch with HP is not worth it.

If anything happens to this computer, I'll be more likely to throw it out the window than deal with HP ever again.


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