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When I was interested to rent his Costa Rica vacational house, I asked the owner Scott Pearson about the rental fees and contract. His communication was so slow. He explained that he was out of town for her grandmother's funeral which it was understandable. Finally, afterwe reached the agreement. I paid 50% deposit ($7,500) for renting Villa La Macha for three weeks. But suddenly, I just got the news from my sponsor that they had to cut the budget and could not sponsor my film project due to bad ecomony. I informed Scott about my situation and had to cancel the reservation (two days after Scott received my deposit). Scott told me that he would not refund 7,500 dollars till he finds someone to rebook. I told him that it was so unfair because it was only two days of booking, not good reason to withhold the refund. he pointed out that his term that I will not be able to get the refund till the cancellation dates are rebooked. I pointed out that HE HAVEN'T SENT ME THE CONTRACT WHICH I REQUESTED IN THE BEGINNING. I believe he tried to advantage ob my bad situation. Please BEWARE OF THAT GUY, SCOTT PEARSON!

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2b2c03f7, 2009-02-23, 09:02AM CST

In the future, before you send someone $7,500, you might want a signed contract.

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