Posted on Saturday, February 21st, 2009 at 7:05am CST by 33769538

Product: Veterinary Specialists Hospital

Company: Garden State Veterinary Specialists

Location: One Pine Street


Category: Pets, Animals

In our opinion Garden State Veterinary Specialists should be investigated by the State Of New Jersey for possible negligence, possible unethical practices and possible over charges or unauthorized charges.

They may have been negligent in prescribing too high of a dose of steroids which led to internal stomach bleeding several days after our pet started taking it.

In my opinion they overconfidently misled us into believing that a blood transfusion for our pet would give her a very good chance of recovery.

I felt that they led us to believe that our pet's illness had been mended by them to the point that we could take her home and begin her rehabilitation recovery.

We went to pick our girl up and she could not walk on her own, only with a sling wrapped around her body and held by someone to support her. Her hind leg was paralyzed and dragging and buckling over as we tried to hold her up.

When we questioned the Intern he said it was because she had been laying on it for so long.

The intern did not mention the possibility that she might have had a stroke while in their care prior or during the blood transfusion.

$ 8,000 Later, with several of those charges for tests we did not approve and a horrible 36 hours after we brought our pet home she started bleeding out of her mouth and we had to put her to sleep.

The complaint here is as follows:

1) Possible Misdiagnosis of her illness

2) Charging for treatment we did not approve

3) Possibly Withholding vital information about our pets chances of survival and running up the charges in the process.

4) Irresponsibly releasing our pet before she was properly mended.

5) Trying to cover up their mistakes by blaming us for her problems and not taking any responsibility for any of their actions.

6) Not responding to my inquiries regarding treatment that was not approved by us but charged to us.

7) It took two weeks for Dr, Scavelli to return my calls.

8) Dr. Demarco acted insensitively and arrogantly in our opinion and seemed more interested in exploiting our situation than being honest and caring.

In my opinion this hospital appears to practice medicine unchecked and with no fear of any consequences.

The moment we entered this hospital they made us feel like they were doing us a favor.

You are presented with an estimate for what they believe the treatment would cost prior to any evaluation and then make you pay it right away.

If anyone else has experienced what we have please contact us. I would consider a class action against this institution for the sole purpose of forcing them to change their methods and become more caring and accountable for what they do.

I still have not heard back from them regarding my inquiries for the unauthorized charges.

I feel our humane laws just don't properly protect us from possible veterinary mistakes. It's almost like some of the veterinarians know that not much would happen if they made mistakes or if they acted insensitive or arrogant.

We can't be the only ones who feel this way !

Let us know we are not crazy !


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ccdd6e2e, 2009-12-13, 08:57AM CST

Unfortunately, Monmouth County is full of such opportunistic vets. GSVS list themselves as emergency specialists and don't even accept regular customers without a vet's referral.

How can they run and MRI and a conference center without charging huge fees. They are not the only ones.

Red Bank Animal Hospital wanted to do exploratory surgery on my dog who had terminal cancer. The vet said he would do it next morning after my initial visit. All it would cost is $2500.00 .

I did not do it. Another vet later told me that if they cut open my dog with all the swelling he had, the dog would be dead within 48 hrs.

Good rule of thumb: if the facility is very fancy, you are there to pay, pay, pay. Pet care comes second.

fe3f1837, 2010-12-28, 12:27PM CST

i would like to make a complaint about them also .

29ac9263, 2011-01-31, 02:37PM CST

I am experiencing something simlilar. I am so worried about my baby!

Debra T., 2013-04-01, 04:13PM CDT

I am experiencing something similar with my daschund. They totally lied to us. Please contact me..

Elena E., 2015-08-01, 04:40PM CDT

This place have no compassion to animals.They are cruel moneymakers.Charged$7500 upfront and literally killed my precious dog.Return her in 4 days with Pneumonia, 105.4 fewer and a huge pressure sore!!!!!!In a few days when I could not see anymore how my baby suffered and we put her to sleep.The doctor again ask us to prepay euthanasia while I was trying to carry my dog out of the car!!!!!!Those people are animal slaughters not the doctors!!!Especially dr Scavelli- the owner.Never,never take your animals there!!!!!!!!

Sue G., 2015-11-27, 10:31PM CST

OK - this is my story: I took multiple pets to Garden State over many years, and was one of their best clients so I was told (based on $ spent there I'm sure). I stopped going there due to the multiple pets that were misdiagnosed and killed there. I had one dog with metal bars in her back who was put in the MRI machine and killed. They blamed me but it is not the client's responsibility to know about their machinery - they SHOULD have processes in place to protect the animals (like reading the chart first, or asking the client to fill out a questionnaire. Lucky for them I am not a litigious person and didn't sue. Oncology was responsible for the death of my cat with lymphoma. She had two bleeds from the chemotherapy and just got done with a blood transfusion when the oncologist gave her another chemo round which killed her in hours from another massive bleed. In knowing more now, it would have been procedure to stop chemo. They do not have a radiologist which I didn't know. Even though they tout themselves as "specialists" - one of the most important specialties to have is a board certified radiologist. Unfortunately I didn't know that their young recently graduated vet was reading the radiographs. Despite my cat having history of stones she told me it was kidney failure and by the time I took him to University of Penn it was too late. They said he was misdiagnosed and had multiple stones and blockage and he could have had surgery and been saved. (Penn actually sent the stones to a specialist in midwest for analysis). UPenn also told me that Garden State also misdiagnosed two other cats. Garden State had wanted to do surgery on one's bial duct but UPenn said , no, she did not need that surgery that instead the cat had triaditis and was put on meds and she'd now doing great for last two years. Luckily I got another opinion from UPenn Vet (Matthew J. Ryan) and both cats are properly treated and healthy. After the last three issues with Garden State I stopped going there and use my vet and use Red Bank in an emergency (though their overnight team are inexperienced just like Garden States overnight team) and sometimes UPenn in an emergency though 1.5 hours from me. And, go to UPenn in Philadelphia for any specialty needs. I currently have a cat going to neurology and one to dermatology and surgery. Red Bank also has an excellent opthamologist that I have always gone to over Garden State eye doctor. Dr. Ringo is great. I've learned to trust my judgement and to get second opinions. Everyone makes mistakes, but when you have a consistent number of failings - you need to start looking elsewhere. To everyone reading - if your pet is not doing well at Garden State - take them to UPenn Veterinary (Matthew J Ryan) and tell them to ignore anything done or said at Garden State and to START FROM SCRATCH as doctors will inaccurately assume they did some things right. People should also contact the Veterinary Medical Board when they feel they have a legitimate claim against any vet and they have all their paperwork.

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