USPS - Demeaning and derogatory customer service

Posted on Saturday, February 21st, 2009 at 5:41pm CST by 43f6097d

Product: USPS

Company: USPS

Location: 3727 S ALASKA ST, Seattle, WA 98118.
Seattle, WA, 98118, US


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I am writing about the unreasonable and offensive attitude of USPS staff, Jesse, who works at USPS location 3727 S ALASKA ST, Seattle, WA 98118.

Incident #1:

I am a small business owner and I have been using USPS Click-N-Ship to enjoy the clearer transaction and online discount. I usually bring the packages to the local post office for drop off for faster delivery. However, the offensive and derogatory attitude of a USPS staff Jesse made me consider switching to other shipping carriers. The USPS staff Jesse did not know about the online discounted price and required me to pay for the differences for 3 packages. I told him that the weight was correct and I just used the USPS website to pay online that morning. He argued that the online USPS website was contracted to an outside vendor so their calculation was not correct!!!

I insisted that he checked with other coworkers. Another more knowledgeable staff pointed out that there is an online discount based on a postage table posted right on their counter. So Jesse had no other choice but just collected the 3 packages without insisting that he was right. Of course he did not admit or apologize for his mistake. There were 3 other postal staff as witnesses on that day.

Multiple incidents:

Jesse is "well-known" in the neighborhood for his derogatory attitude towards the Chinese community. He always gives a hard time for Chinese people but on the other hand he "sir"s the Caucasian people. His race discriminating behavior is not acceptable and a simple exit poll at the post office would review his negative attitude and behavior in the past.

While I would consider switching to other mail carriers like UPS and Fedex because of their websites, service and cost, I still hope that USPS will take positive action to improve their services so that customers will feel respected and valued.


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