SpyHunter - SpyHunter -- how can I contact them to cancel?

Posted on Thursday, February 19th, 2009 at 11:09pm CST by 885d917f

Company: SpyHunter

Location: US

URL: http://Enigmasoftware.com/

Category: Other

I paid for SpyHunter and used it to remove Vlob virus. Worked fine, but now I can't even open SpyHunter. How can I get in touch with them to cancel their service before they bill me again? I have not found a way to contact them or their customer service office. Thanks!


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6b2c9f8d, 2010-03-16, 06:12PM CDT


Go to that link and call the phone number provided.

Kathy H., 2013-05-03, 09:22PM CDT

I did not order this software, I do not want it, it will not let me delete. It is a pop-up and too much at that. Please advise how to get this off my computer. I do not have a login or password nor do I want one. Understand I did not solicit this.

ed86977d, 2013-06-25, 05:41PM CDT

This is for Spyhunter...I had a virus and a friend gave e Spyhunter to use and told me it was free, but when pressed fix threats I had to register and buy it to work...I called tech suport and they told me that Spyhunter could now help me and were sorry that I purchased it and get reimbursed..I have the Tech's name..this was on the 22nd of June..Since the product couldn't work for me I want the charges off my cc..How do I contact you?

712b4dfe, 2013-10-15, 12:45PM CDT

I bought spyware hunter on 10/9/13 for $69.98 I dont wat this program cancel it reimburse me the 69.98

77d914e0, 2014-04-03, 09:55AM CDT

I was told Spyhunter was $29.95. They charged me $175.00 on my credit card. Do NOT give the your card number! I erased the program.

nancy m., 2014-05-01, 10:17PM CDT

I cancelled at 800-999-2734 and they said they would refund my money that was taken out of my bank acct.

Chester I., 2014-08-02, 04:59PM CDT

My name is, Chester Ice. I bought Spyhunter for my PC, and I am having a problem with it that I need some help with. Could someone please call me at, 724-847-7734. I will appreciate it very much if someone will help me. My email address is, [email protected] if someone would rather email me. Thank you very much.

Chester Ice

8d29496a, 2015-01-01, 08:32PM CST

I believe I canceled Spy Hunter some time ago and deleted it from my computer. I was not happy with it and would like my December payments on my Credit Card returned.

Joe Yarrow

0501027b, 2015-09-09, 07:37AM CDT

I bought Dri Spyhunter 952 646 5288 lux on 30/5/13 for 72,58 Euro for only one year.

Since 30/5/13 You charged me total 290,32 Euro on my credit card. I give you the dates:1/12/2013,1/6/2014,1/12/2014 an 1/6/2015.

I didn't never give permission for that.

Please will discharge 290,32 on my creditcard.

You F.J.Keuper

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