Bank - HDFC Credit Cards

Posted on Thursday, February 19th, 2009 at 11:38pm CST by 1b35d927

Product: Gold Card

Company: Bank

Location: Bangalore, Ka, IN


Category: Other

I was really pissed of with the HDFC Gold Card. Guys, please refrain from going for this card. Really sucks. I bought one laptop for 29,800 and i paid 20,000 before the due date. So the remaining amount is 9,800 and i need to pay interest only for this amount. Instead of this, they took the interest from me for the entire amount. That in fact comes to a whooping 85% interest. Even the most notorious blade companys dont go for such interest rates. Finally i had to pay 705/- as interest for just 9900 Rupees for one month. I wish i had taken the same loan from some blade companies and they wouldnt have charged me more than 250 or max 300. Guys, go for HSBC or some similar banks as they provide reward points for our spending and we can redeem gifts for them. Not like the HDFC type, where they give a gift voucher of some bucks and we wont get even a handkerchief for that voucher. Anyway i learned a lesson from this even though at the cost of coughing 705 Rupees.


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