Dish Network Corporation - False advertising and unwarranted charges

Posted on Thursday, February 19th, 2009 at 8:11pm CST by 899f50bb

Product: satellite

Company: Dish Network Corporation

Location: 9601 East Meridian Blvd.
Englewood, Co, 80112, US


Category: Other

We entered into an agreement with AT&T for the triple play: internet, phone, and dish network satellite, for $128.94 a month. Our first bill was $252, and our second was $214.00. Both, a far cry from $128 agree upon. AT&T has adjusted their part, but Dish Network told us that the $91.43 charge is for satellite + premium channels. We did not make an agreement that included premium channels, it came free for 3 months. When I complained, they stated that I was to notify them to discontinue the premium channels. I didn't ask for them in my agreement, so I don't think its up to me to tell them to remove them. Also, they agreed to adjust the billing to $64 a month. Now if you look at their website they offer $29.99 satellite initially and then it goes to $47.95. However, they want to charge us $64. I consider this totally unlawful and unethical. I told them to discontinue the service and now they say they will bill our credit card for $210.00 to pay $10.00 for the next 21 months of this agreement. I didn't contract with Dish, I contracted with AT&T. They are no longer in partnership with AT&T, so now I'm supposed to pay them a premium rate?


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