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I'm starting what I am sure will be the first of a long series of letters, phone calls and e-mails regarding my Nissan Service coverage, or lack thereof. When I purchased the "Gold Preferred" Security+Plus coverage I was told it would cover everything "from bumper to bumper" excluding, of course, brakes and maintenance. Today I learned the coverage is not worth the paper it's written on. I brought my car to the Nissan service center in Valley Stream, NY. I had a short list of concerns: My radio speaker was broken, there were condensation leaks INSIDE my windshield . . . the representative was unconcerned with these things and was ONLY there to sell me a $900, 36,000-mile maintenance service. When I inquired about the other issues he said the windshield probably needed to be re-sealed (they would charge $90.00 an hour to make that determination. A determination I made in 5 seconds at a considerably lower cost.) He also said the radio MAY or MAY NOT be covered under my plan. I find this to be amazing. A cynic might suggest that this "Gold Preferred" maintenance plan is just a worthless additional revenue stream for Nissan. I know it will take months, possibly years, of aggravation to get my service contract voided, but that's what I fully intend on doing. I'm certain Nissan will respond with the 60-day cancellation policy defense, but that's not the point. I'm paying $1,734 for something that has absolutely no value. I'm SURE there are many other customers with similar experiences and complaints, who are just as outraged as I am. I will go to great lengths to ensure that this matter will be resolved to my full satisfaction. Im sure these extended protection scams are the same everywhere. I wonder if there are enough people to sign on to a class-action lawsuit regarding this issue.


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246288e1, 2011-06-30, 08:19PM CDT

I also bought the extended warranty from nissan with the premise that its bumper to bumper, but then the "FINE PRINT" when my catalytic converter needed replace apparently its not cover under the bumper to bumper warranty, i guess since its under the car they dont consider that part of the bumper to bumper warranty...!!!

b2c63d33, 2012-10-16, 01:01PM CDT

This may not help you but may show a world-wide culture.

In Europe, car 2 months old, I found the original "Pan European" warranty useless ...and again when they ducked the steering lock immobiliser (a well known Nissan Problem)and wanted 2,000 USD

.What was that all about? A probable cover-up as the car had been in Nissan storage, unused and collecting electronic fungus for

15 months, but was sold in August 2010 as a

"2010 manufactured" car and documented as such with government.

It was actually made in May 2009: only proven after much drama, in March 2012 and the dealer either knew it or was wildly incompetent!

That may not help you .... but seems to prove that Nissan have a culture problem.

Nissan sign everything "Nissan" and dare not give out the name of any-one responsible.

Registered letters and e-mails are ducked

efb70858, 2013-07-04, 07:49AM CDT

This is based on my own experience as consumer that owns a Nissan SUV.

I think you need to be fair and differentiate in your judgement between what the extended warranty covers and what the dealership you go to is telling you. If you call the Nissan extended warranty 800-NISSAN1, you'll get help and rather clear answers (not always). It's the dealership that's telling you parts are not covered while in reality they're. The dealership can charge higher if they get you to pay for the item and most of them tend to ignore the extended warranty.

Catalytic converters should be covered by the initial warranty and by certain recall warranties until 80,000 miles (I assume recall warranties are not general but depend on model and year). Catalytic converter is part of the exhaust, thus at the end of the day it's tear and wear after the initial and any applicable recall warranty.

My conclusion is that you take the car to the dealership, get the repair estimates detailed in writing, anything you suspect should be covered by extended warranty, you call 800-NISSAN1 and get support from them on these specific items: transmission, catalytic converter, oil pressure switch/sensor, etc.

James R., 2014-08-26, 10:05AM CDT

Nissan extended warranty is a scam. I purchased a 2010 Titan in 2010 bought the extended warranty for 48 months after 36 months they said the warranty expired and that it began in 2009 and the truck wasn't even built yet. Any warranty work that was done was under the factory warranty. My 1900.00 charge for the extended warranty was clearly a scam and put in their pockets. Stay away from Trans Canada Nissan in Peterborough before they scam you out of your hard earned money. If a class action lawsuit is available sign me up.

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