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Posted on Wednesday, February 18th, 2009 at 7:50pm CST by d6042316

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My story begins with my filling of a claim for unemployment benefits. I had an open claim already so I reopened it online, a few days later I received my forms and sent them in , when I received my first check they notified me my claim was now over and I would have to file for a new claim . By now (with the lag time of the mail ) a week had passed and by filing online again would have made me loose a week??s pay ,so I opted to call so I could talk to someone and explain that I would like them to retro for that week lag .For the next week I call E.D.D. approx 200 times ( that God I was not using my cell phone) Finally I got through and talked to a woman whom at the time seemed to understand my needs and told me that she would send out two claim forms one for the retro week plus another week and told me to send it in when I got it , and another set of forms for the (now ) current weeks .. I was feeling like I finally hit the lotto =smiles= (seriously). That feeling evaporated with the mail about 5 days later, the claim forms that should have had a total of 4 weeks only had 3, not sure how something so simple could have become so messed up??? So here it is four weeks into this problem and now I am back on the phone, another three days and countless calls to a number that is not remotely accessible. after 50 tries I got through twice each time I was told( by a recorded message ) that the wait time would be 7 minutes ( again lotto fever ) both times after 4-5 minutes I was disconnected . So what are you thinking this has got to be a joke? Trust me anything but....

Some how I guess I got lucky rather soon into the next day??s calling trying once again to find help in sorting this out. by now the send in date has passed on my first claim form. So here I am on the phone again and after half a days dialing I get the good but unreliable message I ll only have a 7 minute wait ,not being all that enthusiastic I hear the voice of a man asking me what he could help me with , with hope in my grasp I gave him my S.S. number and asked him to pull up my screen so he could follow my explanation he proceeded to tell me he could not help me and had to transfer me , ( in thirty two years of off and on filing for unemployment) I have never had to be transferred, I told him he was going to disconnect me , OH no its inner office that won't happen ... You guessed it dial tone. We are not done here (still have the same issue as when I started ...) I am now dumb founded and frankly very pissed off.

So now I decide to make copies of the two claim forms I have and send them in and fight this in the mean time ( my bills couldn't wait any longer) as I am having lunch with my daughter my cell phone rings , understandable I don't answer it , after eating I listen to the message and it is a guy from unemployment stating that we had a phone interview as to why I waited so long to send in my claim form , but being as I didn't answer (and missed ) the interview (which at the time had no idea about)they were going to deny my claim. I thought to myself what are you talking about ( no new number to call nothing, just basically we gave you your one and only opportunity) O by the way this is Saturday 10 am ,later that day I pick up my mail and there it is a letter from the employment office telling me of this interview , are you kidding me it states if you cant make this interview call this number to change day and or time , you guessed it the same number that I have spent hours dialing already .. Even if I got it in time and wanted to change it the chances of that are none existent. So now over 6 weeks into this and I am drowning in incompetent people running our government agencies, a system that is as far as I am concerned BROKEN ( I am sure I am not the only one) I have even wrote to the governor??s office asking for help. Tried to find a walk in office (like in the old days) they are nonexistent they do have a job search office which I talked to a woman whom said she has had many people come to her venting about the system being Broken and she even told me that the upper dept heads came through asking for feedback and she told them that something has to be done about the problems with the system and she quoted them as saying "ITS NOT BROKE" bet they have never filed a claim!!!!

Please not just for me but the (I am sure thousands) of others going through this HELP I would love to hear from you and would humbly accept any help offered the way I am keeping a log of times and dates of attempted phone calls up to 25 today prior to this 1 1/2 hour ( time it took me) letter .. Thank you for your site Robert Hansen


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7b896ccf, 2009-07-06, 07:36PM CDT

I am also being screwed by the terrible system here in California.

I was given a 5 week penalty and did not know it until I went to claim unemployment for 2 unpaid days 2 Thanksgivings ago. The pigs were nice enough to deduct a week off for that Thanksgiving along with last Thanksgiving, giving me 3 weeks left of penalty. So I thought.

The bastards gave me the 2 penalty weeks back so now I am waiting 5 weeks for a check. Been laid off since May 29th and still no check as of July 5th.

Why is it that the state of Idaho can have automated unemployment yet here in cutting edge california we have to keep calling on the phone to get a message to tell us all lines are busy after going through 5 push buttons on the phone.

I hate California, I hate the illegals that have destroyed it, and I will leave the toilet once I am able to milk some unemployment checks from them.

bbe80ace, 2009-07-15, 06:02PM CDT


I have had hideous and similar experiences with california edd. I wrote to KSBW and their news director is considering doing a story on it...needs more sources. Please contact them in Salinas (see their website for address). Or email me if this is wildly unclear.


ea738f09, 2009-08-14, 12:02PM CDT

This is happening to me as well. I thought about writing the government myself. It's a down right tragedy thats going on. I too called hundreds of times trying to get through, I finally got through and was told someone will call me back within 5 days, guess what I'm on my 5th day. I was already due 2 paychecks by today and because they said I filled out my claim form wrong both times I needed to call in. I even e-mailed EDD for someone to call me and still no call. I know what your going through and the sad part is I know now I'm not alone. Also, Hawaii should not be more advanced than us but guess what, you can touch tone your claim form dialing straight from your cell phone. How come California doesn't do that. Instead they put your claim forms through a machine so if there maybe an extra dot picked up they say you filled out your claim form wrong. California needs to think of a way better plan to help the Unemployed...

7df9bd93, 2009-08-18, 10:28AM CDT

Ridiculous... Shame on CA!

I applied on June 30th for Unemployment. I received 1 check on July 22nd. I have called 26 times this morning (they have been open 24 mins). Is this for real, why the hell, isn't this automated like NYS, it is 2009!!! No one picks up, no center to go to and almost 2 months unemployed and my savings will be done in a month!!! THIS IS MY MONEY! Taken from my paychecks, what the hell is the hold up?? Unbelievable!! Nothing will happen without citizens standing up and fighting for change.

62828fda, 2009-09-23, 10:45PM CDT

Dealing with EDD is a total nightmare. I reported income under $100 on a claim form and got flagged for an interview. I don't mind being interviewed but it is scheduled a month away. In the meantime all benefits stop. I have to suffer financial hardship for a month for being honest. When I called them they claimed I didn't report anything. I think it is wrong for honest recipients to be treated this way. They use falsehoods and stalling techniques to get people to give up on their claims. I wish I didn't have to be on unemployment but I have kids.

This treatment of Americans has got to stop. I have family members who died in wars for this country. The only way to make a difference is to let them know! Write the Governor and Congressman and tell them your EDD nightmare experiences! We pay 30% of our income in Federal and State taxes!

State Representatives


Arnold Governator Schwarzenegger

d9ed9c35, 2009-10-04, 04:19PM CDT

This is happening to me now, I received one check after a one month wait for an interview and now I just thought we were rollin & today I get another notice for an interview at the end of the month. My rep could barely speak english and I had to have him repeat the questions. My kids have to eat, rent has to be paid, where am I suppose to get money from?. If my husband loses his job we are done. Today my rent is 4 days late, now we have to scrape to pay it. This is a game they are playing with our survival!

d909a44e, 2009-10-27, 07:51PM CDT

I've been out of work for almost 2 years. I have applied countless times & always received a letter saying I've been disqualified from receiving benefits. after making what seemed like over 100,000 calls I finally was told, " You haven't made enough money within the last 2 years to qualify" They told me if I wanted to receive benefits I would have to find a job, make 1100.00 dollars then quit then I would be eligible. I still cant figure it out.

81c64b7a, 2009-11-06, 11:08AM CST

CA UI has the worst customer service that I have ever experienced! They will have you starving, homeless, and unable to care for yourself or your family with this system that you have paid into and thought would be there in your time of need.

a75ff35a, 2009-11-18, 11:36PM CST

Seriously, the EDD is a complete joke, I too have been through the depths of Hell with them. I went through this miserable time was a year ago and sounds like things have not improved one bit. I applied for unemployment in November of 08, and because of their poor system and incompetence didn't get a check until much, much later...March of 09 to be exact..Calling them is a complete joke, they still a year later cannot handle all the calls that come in and people are out there hungry and needing to pay their rent. There is no real office where you could talk to someone, nowhere!! all there is are employment centers with phones but you cant even get through to them on those phones cant even call to get check information if the line is tied up it will give you that same message that "they cant handle your call" its like are you serious? Something has got to be done, we as Americans have got to stand up and be heard and quit being drones...something has got to change!

865e2533, 2010-01-19, 05:53PM CST

It would be impossible for me to cover all of my anger with the EDD in this comment. Let me just say that we are all dealing with a government bureaucracy that is incompetent, disorganized and demeaning. I just got off the phone after patiently waiting for my telephone interview. This would be my second in one year where both of the representatives were abusive, rude, unhelpful and hung up on me. I have never been more polite in a telephone conversation and my demands to speak to a manger were both rejected. The issue revolved around not sending my claim form back in time so my benefits were suspended. These actions were unwarranted according to my detailed documentation. In both cases the EDD was at fault for mailing me continued claim forms with a "deadline for return" that was earlier than the date of arrival. In fact, 1/3 of my checks usually arrive with an expired deadline for return. I was not even allowed to explain this before I was abruptly "cut-off" and hung up on.

Peoples lives and families are dependent on this meager income to survive. As the previous comment pointed out, I also have been paying into this system for 30 years, this being my first period of extended unemployment. To be treated like a third class citizen on the phone by a government employee has been the most humiliating experience of my life. THE ENTIRE STAFF SHOULD BE FIRED AND REPLACED BY THE UNEMPLOYED, starting with management down. Only then will the people of this State be treated with respect and dignity on the phone by those having had experienced such incredible fear and insecurity in these difficult times.

A letter writing campaign to the Governor needs to be started as someone needs to be accountable for the actions of the telephone operators. In my case they wouldn't even give me their last name. I am convinced that this area of government employment has also been sent overseas. For the first time in my life, I am starting to believe the conservative mantra that government is "Too Big". And that truly saddens me.

ca3bd702, 2010-01-21, 03:01PM CST

I have read the original complaint, and a few of the comments. So let me clear up a few things.

First of all, employees do NOT pay into unemployment insurance. It is a fee paid by the EMPLOYER. So please keep that in mind next time you claim that you paid it or it was deducted from your check, because it's not.

However, the taxes that employees pay include federal and state taxes, which go toward funding the staff who works at EDD.

I just want you to make sure you have those facts straight when making a complaint, so that way EDD will take your complaint more seriously.

Furthermore, EDD is under a tremendous strain. California's unemployment is around 12%, and a very large number of people are receiving UI benefits. This not only overloads the phone lines, but causes EDD employees to be pushed and bullied by their managers to file claims and deal with customers in an insanely fast manner. (My friend said her manager was forcing her team to file at least 50 claims a day, while other people are working with 10.) This leads to errors on the part of EDD, although it is definitely not conscious, and it is not malicious.

I know you are going to say "Hire more EDD staff then!" Well, if you aren't aware, the state is in financial disaster. The current EDD employees are forced to take 3 furlough days a month (meaning they HAVE to take 3 days off a month with no pay). Of course the ideal situation would be to hire more staff and put an in-person rep in every local office, but that is not the reality. However, I do know that the test to become a UI rep is open on the EDD's website, although I don't know how many positions they are looking for.

Also, please do not take things personally. This, I cannot stress enough. EDD and its representatives are not attacking you personally or trying to make your life hell. Yes you have kids. Yes you need to pay your rent. Trust me, they hear that all day, call after call, e-mail after e-mail. Instead of screaming at them, please try to be patient. They often have demanding managers pushing them to work faster than they should, have to take 3 days off a month with no pay, and have to listen to people complain to them all day long, often about things that are the claimant's fault. This kind of work environment can make anyone cranky, so please remember that you attract more bees with honey than with vinegar.

I understand the system is not perfect (far from it, actually), but try to keep these notes in mind. Getting so upset is really only affecting yourself and harming your mental and possibly physical health. I hope this cleared up a few of the comments I've seen on this website, and I sincerely apologize for any rudeness you've experienced, because no one deserves that, especially during financial hardship.

P.S. Please always remember to check EDD's website first for FAQs and questions, as well as consult the Guide to Benefits and Employment services located at the One-Stop centers as well as the website.

2a0c95bd, 2010-01-21, 06:30PM CST

I find myself in the same boat!

I have an open claim and have recieved several checks then I lost a 2 week claim form! This was over 2 weeks ago and I have emailed the EDD requesting a replacement form! I have tried to CALL EDD and as we all know you cant get through!

Now I fear that the time lag in thier system will cause me to miss the 2 weeks as well as the following weeks due to not having a claim form to submit!

I would really appreciate any suggestions any of you could email me as to how to resolve this issue and/or how to procede beyond what I have described above.

Does anyone know a higher level of supervision to file a complaint with? Please let me know if you do!

2a0c95bd, 2010-01-21, 06:34PM CST

I am unemployed as are many in Southern California. The story I am about to recount for you is one that is experienced by many others as well as myself!

After finally getting my unemployment claim started you soon find out there is no way to contact EDD Unemployment division. If you try to call them you will get a constant message that EDD is getting so many calls that we are receiving more calls than we can handle which goes on all day for many days! This can only be interpreted as many claimants are being denied the opportunity to make a timely claim! In other words they are doing without funds that they are legally entitled to!

This is the case with those trying to make a legitimate claim!

If you have a problem with an ongoing claim you have the option to call EDD, in which case you will not get through for days on end. Or you can email EDD in which case you will be ignored until you simply get tired of trying, which is what they are hoping for as they do not respond to those emails. Nor do they follow up with, in my case a replacement form that I have been requesting for two weeks. Two weeks of trying to contact and get a response from EDD!

If the current situation is as dire as the recordings make it sound then why is it the EDD or the powers that be add phone lines as well as personnel as needed even on a temporary basis?

Is it that the real job of the EDD Unemployment department is to deny as many legitimate claims by slowing down the process as possible? Or is it just another case of inept negligence at work in the California government?

4ce65b1a, 2010-01-21, 07:03PM CST

Just another person with the same problems with EDD. My claim was dropped for no reason and now I can't reach anyone to fix the problem.

17e9473e, 2010-01-31, 12:24PM CST

Granted that EDD is under a tremendous amount of strain and we could go on endlessly just listing a few of their mainly problems and boneheaded mistakes. Let me list a few:

1. EDD has apparently hired 90 day temps to do the work.

2. They have provided a useless toll free phone line, which gets overloaded, and cuts you off, so that you cannot leave a message.

3. At their whim, they set up unnecessary eligibility interview appointments, with no practical way to change those dates and times. As a substitute teacher, I find that EDD calls at times when it knows long beforehand that I will be managing a classroom filled with disruptive children.

4. Their Ask EDD web site is filled with people not empowered to help you.

5. When you are not able to reach EDD to reschedule an appointment, EDD goes into automatic pilot and rejects your claim, so that you will most likely have to resolve your claim before an administrative law judge. Meanwhile, your checks will be delayed for 4 to 5 months, and your UIB continuing claim forms will not arrive for several months.

6. EDD does not seem capable of learning from its prior errors. There does not seem to be an active database, so that eligibility interviewers can review similar situations with the same claimants or similar claimants. Moreover, when you do reach an eligibility worker for an unwanted eligibility interviewer, these workers do not seem to have read your correspondence or your file, so your first few minutes will be spent re-educating the worker on what has already transpired.

b4317d89, 2010-02-09, 05:31PM CST

My life has came to a ruin due to EDD and their tactics. I was suppose to have a check mailed out on 01/05/2010 never received it . Then they said they mailed out one on 01/20/2010 never received it. I tried to call and email no response. In the mean time I was evicted out into the streets lost my kid to The State of California social Services because I could not feed my kid. I have had a job since I was 13 years old and I am now 37 never receiving ui benefits. Not only did it take me a month to get a hold of these people they treated me so bad whaen I did. They told me I was not suppose to be moving and that I need to purchase a post office box instead of moving home with family and getting my kid out of Foster care. I am appauld at this system and hurt by it me a dn my child. Here it is 02/09/2010 and I have not received my check replacement form or any kind of benefits wow life in America

01d336d4, 2010-02-11, 01:28PM CST

Same issue here in CO!! They told me I need to talk to someone at unemployment so I've been trying for a week now to get someone on the phone. The message says, all employees are busy call back...All day everyday they have been busy. It's insane!!

91903b3f, 2010-02-22, 01:52PM CST

I have not made any mistakes in filing my EDD continuation form, but, about a month ago, close to the end of my standard unemployment benefits, I wanted to find out whether I would be eligible for extended benefits. I talked to about four people, but none was able to help me. (This would seem to be a straight forward question.) Then I received a letter in the mail stating that I would be notified in due course. Well, my standard benefits have expired and I've not heard anything...

10f4dd4e, 2010-02-22, 02:09PM CST

Here's to add to the mysterious world of CA EDD:

1. They supposedly "added" Saturdays for their main 800 # to help with the call volume. After hundreds of attempts to call the EDD during weekdays (various times from as early as they open at 5 a.m. to before they close at 6 p.m.), I finally got through to some breathing person on a Saturday but only to be told that they can only take new claims on Saturdays and cannot help with other issues (mine is about missing checks).

2. I have sent communications to EDD several times both through their "Ask EDD" as well as in written snail-mailed letters about my missing checks. Replies never arrived earlier than 2 weeks and didn't answer/address what you're asking help for.

3. There have been at least 3 EDD physical locations I've needed to send communications to (based on the reply-to-addresses in letters I got from them). They seem to be disjointed and clueless about what the other departments are doing.

4. In one of EDD's reply e-mails, I was instructed to contact a 714 number about my missing checks. I did and was immediately transferred to their always busy (read: useless) 800 number even though I told the CSR that I was instructed by EDD themselves to call that 714 number.

5. After more than 2 months worth of communications to EDD, I still don't have any resolution nor see the light at the end of the tunnel regarding the missing UI checks.

Mr. "I'll be back" Terminator, if you really want to help Californians through these difficult times, EDD's operation is one of the items that you really need to pay close attention to.

693b9b67, 2010-03-08, 12:54PM CST

I have been dealing with the inconsiderate folks working at the unemployment office for over a year now. It feels like I'm calling Dell for technical support that's located in some third world country. Their rude and completely unhelpful. They denied the first two weeks that I was off work because they said I didn't file in time. Yet, I could never get through for someone to assist me. Then they sent a letter containing information from the Obama Administration saying that the unemployed can go to a accredited college FT and qualify for UI benefits as well as grants. So what did I do believing them? Started school. What a disaster! Soon as I started school, they cut me OFF! So, if your thinking about going to school, even to one of their "approved schools," and believe that the benefits will be there for you, think again! It's now going into the third month that I have not received a dime from unemployment because I started school when I have followed every guideline and requirement. My appeal will take an additional six to 12 weeks! That means, it will be approximately 4 to 5 months before I see a dime of unemployment benefits that I'm entitled to. In the meantime, I have requested on several occassions that the claim forms that have been stopped from being sent to continue to be sent to me with no success. It's seems as though they are intentionally denying everyone benefits for one reason or another and making them re-apply or go through an appeals process to receive the benefits that they are entitled to. Don't give up! You are entitled and they need to pay up! Unemployment should be fined for fradulently denying benefits to honest hardworking Americans.

693b9b67, 2010-03-08, 01:44PM CST

Please email the governor with your complaint at

Good luck

ddd336d6, 2010-04-04, 10:22PM CDT

It's been hellish for me to try and get through the phone to these people.

I found myself unemployed last month and set to filing the claim. It went well enough and then I received my check soon after. But when I had to send in my new form, the next check never came. About two weeks later I received a notice that I didn't fill out the form completely (which is BS, because I checked and double checked my form before sending it out), so they sent me another to fill in for the past week. So I did, sent it out, and wouldn't you know? Four days later I received a notice that I didn't SIGN the form (even though I did) and that I had to call that ungodly number to talk to someone about it before the deadline or they'll cancel my claim.

As you can guess, I haven't been able to get through. I've called maybe a hundred times, only to hear right off the bat that there are too many people calling in and they can't handle the amount of calls so I should just listen to this nice message about Obama and the *click*. Or, even worse, I actually go through the motions and finally get put on hold only to hear that there are STILL too many people! Even at 6 AM there are too many people! At one point, I called at three in the afternoon, and they said their offices were closed! They close at 5! Is Sacremento in some odd timezone of their own or are they just lazy?

This is a serious issue. People get their claims cancelled because they can't get through to the people who can say "Oh! Okay, we'll continue your claim." not to mention that their response time of 24-48 hours via email almost always leads to a week or more.

Here's an idea fro the EDD; if there are too many people calling in for you to handle, HIRE MORE PEOPLE TO WORK THE PHONES! Then you solve two problems! The workload and the unemployment issue! Everyone wins! Except for maybe the government who pays their salaries.

Seriously, this is totally stupid!

4e904938, 2010-05-07, 03:29AM CDT

I lost my job in 2007 and went through all of that hell. Just found out they were in dire need of a new phone system that they just got. Now there are different phone numbers to check for check info and the other one. If you go to any of the One Stop centers they will tell you that as soon as you hear the "Welcome" speaking, pres 1234. You will get right through - if it is busy keep dialing. I call at 7:55am and get through on the first try every time. They keep mailing my forms back too because the stupid scanning machine is more ancient than the phones. just some tips- my checks are always delayed but after I learned a few of those tips, it got better. I got my first continued claim form 2 days after I called. Got approved with no interview- you have to make sure to list all of your previous employers in the last 18 months of you will be slapped with an interview that will be at an inconvenient as hell time. There is a HUGE difference in calling in from last year at this time, but its still a pain in the ass.

0daf220c, 2010-06-10, 01:26PM CDT

To the "don't take it personal" response. Don't take it personally? who is that idiot anyways??? I've been 6 weeks without a check because those incapable morons can't get it right! NOR do they care to. I am eligible, legal, and am going in circles with these people who just don't care! So before you defend the poor little "overwhelmed" office, stand for a moment in someone elses shoes. You're all idiots. Brains the size of a pea! Hire someone who's capable, then we'll talk

04f83aad, 2010-06-17, 01:29AM CDT

You are in the majority of people who live in California, unemployed, and having to deal with the demeaning, and BROKEN is a fractured system. I am now going through my own twist in this ordeal. I am not surprized at the the exodus from this state.

c1e90bd7, 2010-07-26, 04:39PM CDT

I just received a "phone interview" call from EDD. It was a hispanic woman who could barely speak english. WHAT THE FUCK!

I would think EDD, of all places, should be able to find good employees. Why do they have people who speak spanish calling people who speak english!


If Obama fucks that state over too, i'm moving to Moscow!

389b8f5c, 2010-08-03, 08:34AM CDT

I wonder if edd offices will be the next irs building?

e3c90ddf, 2010-09-04, 10:53AM CDT

I called the EDD yesterday afternoon & finally got through. I was very upset. Instead of receiving my check that I was expecting I was sent another claim form for the second time in a row. The first time it said that I had answered yes and no for the same questions. Now it comes back saying that my wages on 6a and employer information on 6b was either incorrect or incomplete. The problem with that is that I didn't make any wages. I didn't list an employer because I dont have one. I didn't write anything in 6a or 6b. My landlord has already given me an extension pending the check that didnt come the second time. So I called EDD to ask if there was an office that I could take the form into or something I could do to speed up the waiting time to issue the check. The Guy who answered the phone started talking over me while I was speaking saying If I was stupid enough to fill out the claim form wrong not only once but two times then its my own fault. I asked his name and he laughed. He really laughed and refused to give it to me. I asked to talk to a supervisor over and over again and he refused. I started crying & my boyfriend asked what was happening and the EDD worker said to tell the guy in the background to mind his own business and shut up. The worker immitated me. He hummed while I was talking like a little kid does when they put their fingers in their ears cause they dont want to hear you. It was something like out of a hidden camera show. I kept waiting for someone to jump out and say "gotcha" and no one did. He hung up on me and I was unable to get through for the rest of the day. I'm screwed. My rent is late. I am worried about my bills. The 75 late fee I will be charged will eat up the rest of my check that should have paid for groceries. I'm not gonna make it. And I am on my last payment on this claim and unsure if its my last extension or not? I dont want to become a homeless person. I pump out resumes day after day and dont even get a return phone call. This has never happened to me. I am really scared.

14052898, 2010-09-07, 10:18PM CDT

Oh my goodness. I am so glad that I'm not the only one who's having issues with EDD!!

As far as I know, I've been through similar situation before where they denied my insurance claim and scheduled another interview because I stated in one of the forms that I did some work for a company for one week but I wasn't paid. So the best thing to do is to not state anything on the form that's either not significant in payment, even if you got paid! Just don't comment or state any income related to temporary work you've done, until you find a part/full time job and don't need to claim any more unemployment insurance. Otherwise it'll get flagged!

Well, here's my story.

I have been a marketing executive for over 15 years and was earning good income until I got laid off from my former and last employer in summer of 2008, I was looking for a job for months without success, even though I was willing to take a paycut from what I used to make. I guess companies aren't hiring someone at my level anymore.

So I decided it would be better if I started my own business, set up an S-Corporation, and work as a contractor instead. Fortunately, I was able to sign up a nice paying contract project but it lasted only 6 months. Of course, I was paying all my state taxes including SUI through payroll every month. After my contract ended, I spent the next 3 months looking for other contract work as well as full time jobs, but without luck. Then it dawned on me that I was eligible to apply for unemployment insurance until I started working and making money again, so I went online and submitted the form. I went through the same procedure as I had once before and got an interview scheduled 2 weeks later. And boy, that was one of the worst phone interviews i've had, which turned into a nightmare!

Not only did the girl on the phone had a hard time comprehending english but she was asking me the same questions over and over, which was very annoying. She also kept asking me questions relating to my business and why I wasn't working anymore and I took the time to explain my situation in detail. Then when she asked me if I was looking for a job and I told her I was looking for contract work or full time job every single day since my last contract,either for my business or for employment with another company. And she repeated the same question at least 3 times! I told her the same answer repeatedly and even had to repeat my answers because she seems to have a hard time understanding what I was saying. The whole time I was on the phone, I could hear her typing away in the background much faster than she was speaking, and I wasn't sure if she was typing our conversation or chatting online with someone. I kind of think it's the former cause it seems like she was typing way more Stuff compared to what I was telling her on the phone.

I didn't feel right about the interview and should have asked her for her name before we hung up.

A week later I get a notice in the mail from EDD that my claim for the first 2 weeks in July was denied because it wasn't eligible! The reason was that I said I was able to work that week but didn't look for a job!! Where did that come from?? I mean the girl asked me the same question at least 3 times and I told her I was looking for a job every day since I got my last paycheck! So evidently this girl with the broken english submitted incorrect information and complicated things for me.

The EDD also mentioned that if I feel that the information is not correct, I can send in a claim form explaining the reasons, and that they will review it and notify me of my eligibility to receive my unemployment insurance for those 2 weeks, or a court date will be scheduled for a hearing. So I wrote a 3 and 1/2 page letter explaining the situation and my phone interview in detail and mailed it in. EDD kept sending me claim forms for the remaining weeks in July, August and now September, which I've filled and mailed out. Each time they send me a response back with my next claim form saying that I'm not eligible to receive the check because my case is still pending.

The question is how long do I have to wait till they notify me of the decision so I can at least get the checks for the weeks that I'm eligible? It's been over 4 months since I got my last paycheck from my business and God knows what I've been through to survive all this time with no income!

Fortunately, I've been able to find another project for september, but I won't be paid till the end of the month.

I can't wait to hear from EDD of their decision when they eventually do something about my case. of course now they owe me at least 7 weeks worth of unemployment insurance check which they haven't paid.

All in all, I don't think EDD should schedule interviews through someone who doesn't speak and understand English fluently! I sure hope no one else will go through what I have.

Oh and make sure you ask for the name of the interviewer and write it down as a reference!

64120221, 2010-09-14, 11:19PM CDT

My experience with the California Unemployment Office sounds like a picnic compared to the problems others have had. BUT I AM STILL FUMING.

I was laid off (after 27 years) and knew nothing about Unemployment Insurance (UI). It took me some time to get everything straightened out, but after one month, I had my first check (for one week's pay). Then I received another check covering two more weeks. This is where is started going south.

The automated "where's my check" telephone number will just tell me that "Your last check was mailed 8/24/2010 and pays for the period ending 8/14/2010." For additional information, call 800-bla-blah (I am convinced this number is just a ploy to delay the need for them to be accountable).

After calling the number 20 times per day for the past 5 business days, I have yet to reach a person. What I DO reach is a recording informing me that "Due to the volume of calls..." I am unable to speak to anyone. I am also unable to leave a message.

I have now sent email three days running (since this is the only other option) without receiving a response.

There is no local office for me to visit personally so this is not an option.

Today, I have $.22 in the bank, no gas in my car, am living on peanut butter sandwiches (no jelly) and canned veggies from Costco. I must make a payment to my gas & electric company by Friday to keep the lights on.

As if it's not traumatic enough to be "laid off" after 27 years of employment with the same company, I have to go through this nightmare?!? I have paid into a system for 27 years, never using it till now, and I can't get my measley check.

I am beginning to suspect that UI staff members have been asked to work as slowly as possible, delaying payments, to save money (or perhaps because there IS no money...).

I hate being unemployed, I hate being on umemployment, and I hate sending pathetic pleas into a void not knowing if my email are being acted upon or just deleted. No feedback, no contact, nothing.

31cd7f2a, 2010-12-28, 03:40PM CST

EDD are nothing more than a primitive system run by a bunch of bullies that take advantage of people in need and push people around. In New York you wouldn't be able to get away with this, I collected money on the east coast and I just visted the office once and that was it, my checks were all in the mail on time and without a problem. The mighty California, pave your roads. take care of the epidemic of homeless that you think is normal to have these many and stop acting like you are the best State, you only wish.

d11260ca, 2011-01-17, 08:02AM CST

I had to reopen a claim which I did NOVEMBER 25 2010!!!! After LOTS of e-mails and LOTS of phone calls,as of JANUARY 17 2011, NOTHING!!!! No phone call from them, no e-mail from them, no mail from them, and NO MONEY from them!!!! Oh yeah I called this morning, forgot that they got their check (for working for us) if thats what you call it, and they deserve today, Martin Luther King Day off!!!! Go figure.Thank God for relatives to borrow money from and my wifes 30 hours a week to keep food on the table and the house payment made!!!! Yes it seems to me that the system is definately BROKE.

a41fd675, 2012-04-25, 07:59AM CDT

We have all been thru hell with EDD. They flat out don't care and they are arrogant in denying valid claims for unemployment benefits! I filed my claim 12/31/11, to this date, I have yet to get a decision on my appeals hearing with the CUIAB. That is 4 months going on 5 months with my claim for unemployment benefits still pending and unresolved! It is criminal the way EDD people deny claims even if they are valid! My co-workers got their unemployment benefits after about 3 months and they are the lucky ones. Do these people even realize that people have lives and bills to pay?

Casey S., 2013-01-27, 02:52AM CST

I have sent this letter to every government official I can. Sad to say that CA EDD is stonewalling its users.

Best to all,



I have been collecting benefits from the EDD and was just recently given another extension in December 2012. I have complied with all rules and regulations asked by the EDD and have not had many problems thus far. I never received my last month?s payment for December in the amount of $450.00. I have also not received claim forms for January.

On January 8th 2013 I received a letter titled ?Additional Instructions? asking for information of my last date of work and last employer information. I was given a telephone number and website. I have called the EDD over 3,000 times over a period of one week. I have had no success contacting EDD. I have also written 12 emails with no response. I drove to a career center that the EDD instructed me go to for a past meeting and they too said that the EDD is not answering phone calls and the best thing I can do is to continue to email daily. Finally, I decided to reapply for benefits as a backup plan. No response.

On January 10th 2013 I received a letter titled ?Notification of Unemployment Insurance Benefits Eligibility Interview.? The letter states that I would have a phone interview between 10am and 12pm, Pacific Standard Time on my cell phone (805) 402-9385, on January 17th 2013. I waited next to my cell phone all day from 7am to 5pm. I never received a phone call, missed call or voicemail. Again, I tried contacting the EDD via phone calls, emails, and career centers. I have had no responses.

I write this letter as a final plea for help. Like many other suffering Californians, I lost my job due to lack of work from the recession. I have paid into this program and have always been a strong believer in the EDD. I have a Bachelor?s degree in Film Production and further training in Clinical Psychology. I continually look for work everyday. I depend on these payments until I can get back on my feet again. With no payments in the last month and a half ($2,700) I have failed to pay my rent and insurance. I currently am being evicted from my home, and have had phone calls that my car will soon be repossessed.

9ef005a2, 2013-07-06, 10:04PM CDT

To add to the years of complaints about EDD's nearly-useless waste of time phone system: I called them yesterday afternoon, only to get a recorded message stating that staff hours for answering calls has been cut back! Great.

So I went online and went through the endless process of filing to re-open my claim. Well, it's not as easy as "re-opening" a current claim should be, oh no; you must fill out pages and pages of redundant employment information which had already been done when the claim was originally opened!

Why not have an actual "re-open current claim" option, with all the info you've already supplied still available, so you don't have to go through this endless, laborious process (and as just happened, to have the site suddenly be inaccessible, thereby requiring me to go back to Square One, and start over AGAIN, hoping that the claim will go through)?

chris j., 2014-12-10, 12:13PM CST

EDD what a waste of time. People cannot rely on their unemployment benefits due to total incompetence. I am due my a payment from over 6 months ago. It has been "escalated" and awaiting response. No one is able to tell me when they will respond other than there has been people waiting for almost a year so expect that.

At the end of the day EDD is funded by employers and employees contribute tax dollars that fund EDD staff.

If we get paid too much on accident you better pay back immediately or face big penalties. However when waiting on an unpaid benefit it can take month without any consequence on their part. They all just blame the system. What a joke. Imagine this was not a government agency, imagine a normal bushiness that has to serve paying customers. They would be closed in no time.

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