GE Money Bank - GE Money Bank/World Market

Posted on Sunday, February 15th, 2009 at 11:49am CST by 575e9b2e

Product: Credit Card

Company: GE Money Bank

Location: PO Box 960061
Orlando, FL, 32869-0061, US


Category: Other

GE Money Bank/World Market was never able to provide a copy of a signed sales slip, even after repeated written and verbal requests for the receipt. And even after we paid what we were told was listed on one of the first credit card bills, we received another letter demanding an additional $6.07. This company is unable to substantiate what we bought, and yet it continues demanding money for bogus fees. We did not receive a bill after buying items at World Market last June for approximately 3-4 months, and by the time a bill reached us, GE Money Bank had aleady tacked on late fees and interest. They were able to tell us the amount of one of the first credit card bills, but have no signed sales slip to prove how much we charged. Their continuing letters and demand for payment amount to harrassment.


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