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Posted on Friday, February 13th, 2009 at 2:16am CST by 3b64e68d

Company: Shell

Location: 1154-durrani house, nashamen colony, bosan road

Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

To; Operation Head

SHELL Pakistan

Dear Sir,

I am sorry I found it necessary to write you the following note with the hope that you will shake up your operation management department for the development of business and your name.

1. That I am a regular customer of your filling station near Lalak jan park Multan Cantt. from the last 10 years.

2. That my residence is about 5 KM away from the station and all the time I come to purchase the petrol/lubricants from your station

3. That from the last 6 months the administration at the pump station looks compromising or poor.

4. That I experienced 3 times, in the last 6 months, different type of cheating, sub-standard customer service and rather loose language usage, incidentally from the one salesman.

5. That first time I was on my car and I asked the said sale man to put fuel of Rs1000 in the car and the meter was on Rs300 and I was started to count money from my pocket. The sales man came and said the tank is filled with the required order. I was surprised that with in seconds how it is possible. Than I thought it may be my wrong judgment. I paid the money and started to drive, but my fuel tank gauge told me the truth and was not happy with the ordered fuel .

6. That on second time I was on motor-cycle and the same salesman was putting Rs50's petrol to another motor-cycle. I asked him to fill Rs150 petrol to my motor-cycle. After filling the other one he continued the filling in my motor-cycle. At 150 he finished. On my pointing out he said you are wrong, the pump cannot function again before going back to zero and Rs 50's petrol is in your motor-cycle tank. Check the meter and I had to pay Rs 150 after getting the value of Rs100.

7. Now this time on 12th Feb. at about 3.30 I asked the sales man (happened to be the same person) to put Rs150 petrol in the motor-cycle. He put the nozzle in the filling tank and set it on auto filling. When the meter reaches at Rs100 he comes and started playing with the lever. I told him not to play with the lever when it is functioning properly. How much you will save by playing this way. It is a cheating. On my remarks, he reacted very strongly and using bad language. I stopped there and requested the proper person's name to launch a complaint for the attitude and cheating to the authorities. To my surprise no responsible person was there on duty. Owner was gone on 3. O clock and manager if any was there was gone to somewhere out of the station and all the show was going on by the lower staff. Nobody was ready to give me the name of the proper person. Everybody was giving different name of their manager and protecting each other.

I cannot understand why this type of attitude and cheating going on a company like yours. Such irresponsible behavior will destroy SHELL's name and business.

If proper action is not taken or not seen on the ground you are loosing at least one loyal and regular customer.


M.Masood khan 0300-6309234

1154 Durrani house

Nasheman colony

Bosan road



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