Burger King - Pubic Hair on food

Posted on Friday, February 13th, 2009 at 9:20pm CST by 335c6f0c

Product: Fast Food

Company: Burger King

Location: Jacksonville, FL, 32225, US

Category: Other

I visited a Burger King in Jacksonville for lunch today and come to find, there was clearly "PUBIC HAIR" placed on my onion rings. I was completely sick after noticing that because I had ate most of it. Before I reported it I observed the employees who was prepping the food and there was no one on duty who had that type of head or facial hair. There was only female Caucasians with blond and brunette hair and one white male with short brown hair. I spoke to the manager about it and she said "there is no one that will do that in my staff". She mentioned it was maybe placed from the processing plant. Well first of all, the onion rings has to go in the fryer before served. The pubic hair was clearly placed on the top and if it did get deep fried, it would of been cooked onto the breading or it would still be sitting inside the fryer. She still denied it was placed by her employees but gave me a full refund. I kept the receipt as well as the evidence. I was even nice enough to donate to charity that the restaurant was sponsoring. I was a frequent customer with Burger King till today. Through my research, this situation is a felony for "Placing foreign objects on edibles". The employee who prepped the food can face time in prison. I will also bring this to a law firms attention or a local news station.


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