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To whom it may concern,

Around 6 months ago; on september 2008; I bought my recent car Fiat Grande Punto Multijet Dynamic 3K as a used car.

After buying my car, I have found out via internet and through my friends that 2006 produced Grande Puntos have some chronical problems. Among these the most common problem is City engine breakdowns. Almost all grande punto users faced this problem as I heard from other grande punto drivers. This shows clearly that 2006 model Grande puntos are counted as defective goods.

I visited Kucukyali Birmot (one of the services in ?stanbul, Turkey) for my cars current upkeep. I was told that my cars engine also has this problem on its servo engine and I will be charged 1700 TL ( approximately 1100 $ ) + labor cost in order to make it fixed.

Even though my cars 2 years warranty period expired, the article about defective goods on Turkish law is clear:

Every claim that is due to defective goods are time-barred after 3 years. Those claims will be ended in 10 years after the defective goods got place in the market. However if the seller hides the defect of the product from the consumer on purpose, prescription can not be applied.

Although my cars warranty has expired, it is clear that there is a problem due to the production of the product. Consequently within the terms of the laws this defect can not be related with the warranty time.

Despite the problem with the engine; my cars steering-wheel cover and shift knob are peeled. According to the information I got from the service point, warranty doesnt cover the change of those components. As those peelings occur on a quite new car like this, I started to doubt about the product quality of the materials used. All those problems I have encountered within 6 months make me prejudiced to the producer of my car FIAT although I have been driving my car with great pleasure by now.

Based on the article of the law mentioned above, I request repairment of my cars CITY mode servo engine free of cost (including labor cost) as it is a defective product. Otherwise I will seek remedy as a legal case.

Your urgent repply is appreciated.

Yours sincerely.


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