Kinko's - AWFUL! customer service!!

Posted on Friday, February 13th, 2009 at 7:36pm CST by caf76a31

Company: Kinko's

Location: 1565 N Central Expy, Suite 100
Richardson, TX, 75080, US

Category: Other

1565 N Central Expy, Suite 100 location.

AWFUL SERVICE in this location! I went there a few times and every time I go out of that store I am thinking to myself I will never come back there again. People never offering you a help, and if you ask about it they are being nothing but RUDE, like they are doing you a favor..a few Spanish associates there in particular.

I use Kinko's services sometimes, and I've been in many locations before, usually I go in one what closer to where I live, it's on 9147 Skillman St. Dallas, TX 75243 (location) And it's ALWAYS! just a pleasure to be there, people are friendly and they always greeting you, make you feel welcome and offering to help. I am just a simple customer and usually don't expect much, That's the first time I write about anything like that, ever. I don't even know where should I write and who should I speak to.. But it's just really disturbing. And now, if I am close to that location and I need Kinko's services, I would rather not to!!! just because of that.. AWFUL! customer service!!

Thank you for understanding


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