H and M - accused of theft at H and M stores

Posted on Thursday, February 12th, 2009 at 2:55am CST by 45a0e2c9

Company: H and M

Location: QA

Category: Stores, Shopping

my wife and sister were at an H and M store in Doha/Qatar landmark branch they were looking at items and decided to buy one they checked their bags to see if they had enough money and when they found out that they didn't they left to reach me for more money as they left the store a security man came after them and told them to come back because there was something missing in the store and that they were the only customers there while there wasn't anything missing and there were other customers but they decided to accuse only my wife and sister they searched their bags and the manager still insisted on accusing them even after they didn't find anything in their bags the manager didn't even bother to say sorry and she insisted that the cameras showed that the did take something even after they searched the bags in front of everyone even the other customers and didn't find anything she said that the cameras show that there was something put in a brown bag, when obviously both my wife and sister were carrying black bags and they didn't let us see the video they spoke of this was the worst experience for my wife who just cried for being treated like a thief when she was a customer who wanted to buy.

the manager until we went out insisted on the accusations i feel that she should be fired if that's the type of leadership H and M has then i don't blame anyone else in the staff i have recorded this in my mobile phone for you to see how H and M staff treat their customers if you would like, i will send it to you


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