Allied Waste Services - Unethical business practices

Posted on Thursday, February 12th, 2009 at 9:17am CST by 8702fc16

Product: Garbage Collection

Company: Allied Waste Services

Location: 2105 Lincoln Way
Clinton, IA, 52732, US


Category: Other

I had Allied Waste Service as my garbage pick-up using one of their dumpsters. There are several issues with them.

They make you sign a contract to get the service going and try to lock you in for 36 months. They frequently miss dumping your dumpster and then when you have more garbage than the dumpster can hold we set it on top because there is no where else to put it. They then try to charge you for the extra garbage that is there because they did not dump your dumpster on time. There fees are exorbitant and continuously go up even though their contracts state a specific price.

They will not remove the dumpster from you property (at least not yet) and I assume this is to be able to continue charging you. I am fed up with this company and want to see their business practices stopped.

And I can never reach the person I need to reach in order to cancel this service even though I have repeatedly tried to by phone. He may call back when he feels like it, but I have not been here and I do not have time to sit by the phone and wait until he does. I have emailed them to cancer this, but to no avail. This company is under-handed and I will no longer tolerate this.


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