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Posted on Thursday, February 12th, 2009 at 5:27pm CST by edc8e559

Product: World of Warcraft

Company: Blizzard Entertainment

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Blizzard may put out great games, but they have a lot to learn about customer service. Having purchased the World of Warcraft game to upgrade my trial account, I also set up a Paypal account to allow me to continue my subscription. Blizzard advertises that you can use Paypal if you live in North America. This works for me as I don't and won't use credit cards (Why pay a mint to rent other people's money?).

What Blizzard doesn't say is that even if you use Paypal, you still have to use a credit card. They require Paypal (according to the information provided to me by Paypal) to ask me for a credit card before they will allow me to set up Paypal as a payment method.

But that's not even the true customer service failure. The real failure was achieved when I contacted them to find out why they require this. I've run into one of the classic service failures. The complete failure to pay attention to what the customer is saying. At best Blizzard's responses imply that they haven't even read my email. At worst they are being deliberately obfuscatory. And we'll see if they even keep my business.

I've pasted the Email chain below. I have deleted a fair bit of the header information for readibility. I have not edited either my emails or Blizzard's.

* * *

I was trying to use my PayPal account to continue my subscription to World of Warcraft, however when I got to the PayPal portion of the process, it demanded I put a credit card on my PayPal account to complete the purchase. When my friend JP convinced me to give World of Warcraft a try, one of the only reasons I was willing to do so was that you had started to accept PayPal. I don't use credit cards, and being mobility challenged I don't want to have to get to a store to purchase your game card options.

My first assumption was that this was a PayPal requirement, but their customer service department assures me it is your requirement. I would hope you would reconsider that requirement. As a former Customer Service Analyst (admittedly not in the computer game field), I can see supposed business reasons for making such a decision, but none of them are truly customer friendly reasons.

David B.

* * *

Greetings David,

If you would like to change your account's payment method to use PayPal, please visit the Account Management page ( To use PayPal to pay for your subscription, simply select the PayPal option on the subscription setup screen. You will be required to log in to your PayPal account and agree to the Terms of Service.

**PLEASE NOTE: After successfully setting up a PayPal subscription via Account Management, payment validation may take up to 60 minutes before you will be able to login to the game. Once this process is complete, you will be able to start playing again. Thank you for your patience and understanding.**

For more information on PayPal, or to set up an account, please visit Please keep in mind that you can *only* process a PayPal payment through our website; due to privacy concerns we are not able to manually add PayPal payments over the phone. Any specific questions about your PayPal account should be directed to PayPal support.

For more information on using PayPal with your World of Warcraft account, please review our FAQ at:

If you have further questions or concerns, Billing representatives are on hand to take your call Monday through Friday between 8am and 8pm PST, at 1-800-59-BLIZZARD (800-592-5499). Customers in Australia should call 1-800-041-378. Our Billing team will be happy to assist you with any billing related questions. You may also contact them via email at [email protected]


Blake R.

Billing and Account Services

Blizzard Entertainment

[email protected]

* * *


Well that was an amusing use of script. You might want to consider reading the email and responding to the actual issue.

Care to give it another try?

David B.

* * *

Greetings David,

Allow me to point out where your question can be answered. Since Paypal information as well as the use of credit card information is all considered highly volatile, we do not handle these over e-mail.

"For more information on PayPal, or to set up an account, please visit Please keep in mind that you can *only* process a PayPal payment through our website; due to privacy concerns we are not able to manually add PayPal payments over the phone. Any specific questions about your PayPal account should be directed to PayPal support."

Which, if you note, specifically gives you our answer to the question, which is, "I can't discuss that."

There are plenty of other methods you can use if you'd like to not have a credit card trail on our servers. The game cards that you mentioned are another viable option. You can also attempt to use the phone subscription method if your phone would allow for it.

Unfortunately, there are no other methods in place for payment outside of this. If you'd like assistance setting up any of the latter ones, I'd be more than willing to help or at least point you in the right direction.


Blake R.

Billing and Account Services

Blizzard Entertainment

[email protected]

* * *


So let me see if I understand your answer.

My question was "Why do you require Paypal to ask me for my credit card information before you will let me use that as a payment method." Your answer is that Paypal and Credit card information are too volatile to discuss in email. That seems to be a bit disingenuous to me. I think a more frank answer would simply be that you do not know why that is required. I'd probably have accepted that and simply asked for you to pass the feedback on.

Ah well, fodder for the mill I guess.

Thank you for responding as best you can.

David B.


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62178da8, 2009-02-28, 08:17PM CST

don't let them win

b86162d5, 2009-12-27, 05:03PM CST

Blizzard has nothing to do with Paypal.

I would goto Best Buy & buy a World of Warcraft pre-paid card.

ca1ca49f, 2009-12-30, 02:30PM CST

I am being charged for something I know nothing about.I live on Social Security.Why do people prey on the less fortunate.I try to contact your billing department and there was a hour wait time.When I looked for a way to contact you email this is what I got.

87b66c1c, 2010-01-14, 07:44AM CST

Never ever give you credit card number to blizzard/ I just found out that they made some strange charges of my credit card in December!!! No one answers to my emails and when I finally got through their phone line after 30min waiting they disconnected my call and didnt get back to me!!!! OMG the worst service I ever experienced!

ff8f3743, 2010-03-08, 05:36PM CST

Blizzard is horrible. I purchased this game for my fiance who didnt like it. He is more of a xbox guy. I have called blizzard to cancel service and I have been put on hold for 45 min- 1hr. I have also been told that all representatives are busy and call back at a later time. What!!! I can't even hold if I wanted to. I went thru the email support billing and they have told me they can't find my account info, but they continue to charge my account every month. They had the nerve to tell me to just keep calling the phone number and try to get thru that way. I tried to stop the payments on my credit card, but of course the bank claims they can't since I authorized it. I don't have the original WoW account info, so I can't cancel online. They are the most unhelpful company ever. They can't find my info to cancel the account, but amazing enough every month they charge my card...have no problem finding my name/info then.

c1854edb, 2010-04-26, 01:33PM CDT

March 26, 2010


There is a a charge on my discover card in the amount of $19.99 which I DID NOT make. I never heard of your company! So please credit my card or send me a refund check!

Thank you,

Darlene Perelka

721 Butternut Lane

Easton, PA 18045


[email protected]

cdf75851, 2010-06-15, 12:18PM CDT

A bit late but I just came across this so...

To use paypal at all you need a bank account, so get a debit card for that account. Then, be conscious of how much money you have in your account and you'll never have to pay anything to rent anyone elses money.

Now use the debit card to subscribe to WoW. Problem solved.

84fdf67f, 2010-12-23, 11:40AM CST

That's not bad customer service. That's you being an obnoxious asshat and the CS replying as best as he was allowed.

ef032e13, 2011-10-24, 02:07PM CDT

Blizzard seems to rely on 'On-line' customer service and is very strict with policies, to the point where they do not make sense.

I argued in game with a GM over s service issue that was pretty obvious and all he could say is "It does not violate our policies. When i asked to talk to someone i was told to visit a forum...there service is terrible!!!!

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