Bealls Outlet Inc. - Making women do men's work!

Posted on Wednesday, February 11th, 2009 at 5:36pm CST by 04b5274f

Product: Unloading freight!

Company: Bealls Outlet Inc.

Location: Bealls Outlet Stores, Inc. E.R. Beall Center 700 13th Avenue East
Bradenton, FL, 34208, US

Category: Other

I do not work at Bealls,but I know some people that do.I have heard many,many complaints about the over expectations of the female workers to unload freight from incoming trucks.I'm talking pallets and pallets full of freight,being unloaded by petite woman,without the convenience of pallet jacks,fork lifts,etc.,etc.

These woman(GOD BLESS THEIR SOULS)are coming home from work,with sore muscles,pulled muscles,aching backs,etc.,etc.,etc.Sometimes these women have to take a day or two off,just to recooperate....IS THIS FAIR???

Unloading freight should be a mans job PERIOD!

If you have any concern whatsoever for your female employees,you would NOT have them unloading freight,let the guys do it!Then let the female employees do the stocking of the said freight.This only makes sense from a profit/loss margin,but also from an employer that actually cares about their employees.The bottom line is to make money,but if your making your employees do things that get them hurt(physically/mentally)than your going to lose money....Happy employees make you more money,PERIOD!!!


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