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Posted on Tuesday, February 10th, 2009 at 1:49pm CST by c458eec9

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Mine isn't really a complaint instead it's some advice for Fedex customers..I was told by an ex employee the best way to assure your packages arrive safely is to send them (it) Fedex ground tell them $100 insurance coverage is all you need..they (the delivery person) will assume it's nothing of high value so they wont even bother to "inspect" your package...most "inspected" packages are the ones that have a high value declared on them and those are the ones stolen!! I recently shipped off 4 boxes 2 at a time..the first two held a very expensive jacket and a dvd/video combo player obviously worth more then $100..I also included about $300 in dvds and videos as well as about $300 in childrens clothing and shoes these were gifts..also personal items like soap and shampoo brands not available where the recipiant(s) lives..not only did that box and the second box also filled with about $200 worth of clothing and toys the first weighed 35 lbs (paid $18 to ship it) the second weighed 20lbs (paid $13 to ship it) both boxes arrived on time and in excellant damage to either the boxes or the when I was first told not to declare more then $100 on my boxes I thought yea right now I understand..if they don't think it's of any value they wont have any interest in it..sounds lame, but it seems to work..

The last two boxes arrived just today..the first held about $50 in clothing and $50 in movies again dvd and was smaller and weighed only 11 lbs. I paid $12 to ship it, the second box weighed about 20lbs and I paid $14 to ship it, it held a gift more clothing movies dvd and video and some books valued about $200..again I declared only $100 on each box and once again both boxes arrived on time and with no damage both the boxes and the contents month I'll be shipping one more box..once again ground with only $100 declared value..also do NOT ask for a signature instead ask it be left at the door or hidden in a special spot and write on the box knock loud so if anyone is home they will hear the knock and retrieve the Friend was right about everything..4 successful deliveries out of let's see what happens with delivery #5!


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c458eec9, 2009-02-24, 03:02PM CST

Well 5 out of 5 successful deliveries...that's right my Moms $20 pillows, her $70 phone, a $20 movie and my great Nephews brand new $22 Spiderman shoes all arrived safely..both the box and the contents arrived in mint shape..once again I sent it more then $100 insurance I didn't ask for a signature, but I did request they leave it on my Mothers porch by her door because of her age and disability..I paid $15 for a 9lbs box and that included $3.50 for a Fedex box coz we didn't have one big enough for the requests were met my Mom and my Nephew are both happy with their goodies..I'll be sticking with Fedex!

0f6e71b5, 2009-06-16, 01:59PM CDT

I followed your advice and you were right I sent my Mother and my younger Brother some guava jelly, a pair of sandles, two movies and I slipped some money in one movie to help Mom out with groceries..I sent it ground with less then $100 insurance, I did not ask for a signature, but I did ask it be left by her door because of her my surprise it arrived today on time as promised, everything in perfect condition..Mom loves the jelly, my brother loves his sandles they can't wait to watch the movies..first things first they'll order a pizza! UPS wanted $15 I only paid $9 via Fedex..Fedex will get my future business from now on!

c458eec9, 2009-12-14, 10:44AM CST

FEDEX has shown their true colors, the drivers are liars and thieves, the Reps are useless liars and con artists..steer clear of them I recind my praise...AVOID THEM LIKE THE PLAGUE! After going over the reps heads (all 5 of them) to the managers they located my deliveries STILL on the truck and forced the driver to deliver the packages call the manager upon their delivery that way he could not lie again, so I could be contacted by the manager and informed of the delivery this person stayed on the phone while I double checked with my Mother that she did infact get all three boxes..she did, but I will NEVER EVER again use FEDEX..imagine that the manager had to intervene and found out that driver lied about the delivery..wanna bet he didn't lose his job! Probably got nothing more then his ass chewed for getting caught in a lie!

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