Defective Product

Posted on Tuesday, February 10th, 2009 at 10:44pm CST by ef564ed9

Product: Sangeetha Mobile Showroom

Company: Not Available

Location: Forum mall, Koramangala
Bangalore, Ka, 560076, IN

Category: Other

Hi All, I Bought a Blackberry 8800 mobile from Sangeetha Showroom in Forum Mall by paying 22, 000/-. The first thing which surprised me was they are not ready to give a sealed pack. I am paying 22K, am i not eligible to get a sealed pack. Still I bought the set trusting them.When I tried working with the mobile as soon as bought it, it was continuously restarting and the answer given by the showroom technician for that is, "It is a new PDA and it will take time to reinstall all the applications and every time it will restart, Once the set gets used to all the applications, It will be fine" and i bought the answer.. I came home and it was still restarting continuously for the next 1 day and i was not able to do anything with the mobile. I called Sangeetha again and went back to them because they had given me 1 year replacement warranty at the time of purchase.. They made me wait for more than 4 hrs in the showroom, they made me go back home to backup the data and come back and a lot .. after all these tortures they gave me a new set and the way the showroom guys were dealing with me was as if they are doing some favor to me.. Still i was patient because i have paid a lot for that mobile.. I came back home and used the new set for another 2 days and the enter key came out of the handset.. It was that loose.. It is a new set, ideally even if we pull out the key, it shouldn't come out, but here it automatically comes out while it is inside the pouch itself. I called up sangeetha again and the response which i got from them was pathetic.. They were giving answers as if he needs to check with his boss, this... that... etc... I just lost hope and left it like that.. i didnt want to go infront of them again.. I cant express what do i feel when i look at the mobile every time. Its almost half of my salaray which I have invested in this mobile and it is not serving the purpose... Simple as it is.. Sangeetha guys do not know how to value their customers... the way they treat you, you feel so humiliated... I would like to get a refund for my set if possible.. I would not like to deal with these guys anymore... If that is not possible, atleast a replacement and I would also like to know the reason why, blackberry does not send sealed packs when they take the entire money from us. How do we trust such a showroom which gives such a pathetic service. What if they have replaced the original battery and parts with duplicate ones... what is the proceedure about it and what is the fix for it..


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