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Posted on Tuesday, February 10th, 2009 at 2:13pm CST by 2a81ac90

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Online company,, firmly refuses to honor the 3-year extended warranty on a $160 Rowenta Steam Generator Iron I purchased in 2007. AllBrands alleges that my warranty was not activated supposedly because I neglected to provide them with my appliance serial number at the time of purchase. Nowhere on the website did it state the warranty would become invalid if a serial number was not provided.

How can I provide a serial number if there was none? There was NO serial number on the appliance, on inside packaging, nor was there a serial number on the box it came in!

According to the warranty company for my iron (Banker's Warranty Group), a serial number is NOT always required since not ALL appliances (like mine) have them. A rep from Banker's Warranty Group said they activate warranties simply with a customer's purchase information alone-no serial number required. The onus was on to provide my purchase information, but they neglected to do so. owner, John Douthat, would not accept responsibility for his company's negligence in filing my purchase and warranty information with Banker's Warranty Group. As a result, I cannot place a claim for the repair of my iron. did not deliver the warranty service I was promised.


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Anonymous, 2009-02-19, 07:26AM CST


From: John Douthat,

Re: Email at time of purchase

This complaint arose because the customer had failed to respond to our auto email* asking for product ID to register for a 3 year free extended warranty. Since no response was received from the customer in the first 90 day window we have to register extended warranties, it was never registered, and cannot be honored by the warranty company. See email we sent to customer several years ago for which we never got a response. Thank you for letting us respond to

Thank your for your order with

<a href=""></a>. Your order came with an extended warranty. In order to activate the warranty, the serial number is needed. Please notify us with your serial number as soon as possible since warranties can only be activated 90 days from their purchase date. If we do not receive your serial number and activate the warranty 90 days from the date of purchase, the warranty will be voided, and we will be unable to refund you the cost of the warranty contract. (If no serial number is found, please use the UPC or Bar Code.)

5e1b4afd, 2012-06-25, 03:58PM CDT

Customer did not reply to our email at the time asking for product ID to register an extended warranty at no additional charge. In the absence of a serial number we would confirm the UPC code with customer to make sure. We were unable to register the extended warranty with the warranty company without a serial number or UPC code at the time, therefore there was no extended warranty ever registered, nor any extended warranty contract ever sent to the customer by the warranty company. This did not affect the manufacturer's warranty.

PS. We have since switched warranty programs so that product ID in the form of a serial number or UPC code response from customers are no longer required for extended warranty registrations. Hope this helps.

Thank you,

John M. Douthat


Owner & Tech

20415 Highland Rd

Baton Rouge, La. 70817

Marie K., 2015-08-05, 10:31PM CDT

Firstly, I love Allbrands on Highland Road in Baton Rouge, LA. Last year, 2014, I purchased a Juki Serger and a few months later I purchased a Brother Innovis Embroidery/Sewing Machine (color screen/$3,000). I purchased the extended warranty on both machines. Took about 3 months and I received the hard copy of the extended warranty on the Juki. I have been told numerous times by personnel on the phone at the store that I would receive the warranty in another month or so. After 6+mos of not receiving it, I went into the store. I was told that the warranty company was e-mailing the warranty to the store and it would be emailed to me by the store. Also, was told that the warranty company would be mailing the hard copy to me within another month. It has been almost a year since my purchase and I still do NOT have the hard copy of the warranty. I was not asked by anyone for any warranty info needed to put the warranty in force. After reading this post about how the iron warranty was handled, have to say it makes me VERY NERVOUS about the extended warranty that I paid big dollars for. I WANT THE HARD COPY OF MY EXTENDED WARRANTY.

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