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Posted on Wednesday, December 9th, 2009 at 1:33pm CST by 5cade241

Product: Home Loan

Company: Quicken Loans

Location: 20555 Victor Parkway
Livonia, Mi, 48152, US

URL: http://quickenloans.com/

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I been unemployed for the last 6 months me and my husband and I are been looking to lower the payments in the house to make it a little easy on us till I get a job,since I am not getting unemployment either. We checked with a couple of local banks and they told us after they review the information they can not give us one because we owe more than the house is worth. At the begining of this month my husband decided to get on line and check, he found the web for Quicken Loans and submited our information.

That same day we received a call from one of the representatives from Quicken and explained to him the situation and he told me they could not do anything either. But the next day I received a call in the morning from Jeremy saying that he was from Quicken and wanted to help me with the loan, I asked him how he was able to help me when the other representative said they couldn't, he said he has more experience,than they work with the FHA and he will be able to help me (I explained to him that the loan was declined before due to the value of the house is less than what we owe according to the other banks).

Later in the conversation he told me to get started he needed for me to give him $500 and if the loan didn't get approve I will get the money minus the appraisal fee. At that moment I asked him again what happen if the house is worth less than what we owe, and he told me we have options (plural) which I assume that they can loan you more than the house is worth due to good credit since my credit is over 700 or something similar (because he was aware at that point than we didn't have any extra money due to my work situation).

Taking in consideration what he told me that he was going to help me to get the loan even in the house value is less I accepted, and taking money than I really can afford to give I gave him the $500.

About 3 or 4 days later we received and e-mail saying that the loan was approve but last Monday December 7 I received a call from Jeremy saying that was not approve and the only way to do it is for me to come up with 8 or 9 thousand dollars (he knows better we don't have that kind of money).

When he called me I was in the doctors office and when I called him later and asked about the options he promised me, he said coming up with the money was the only option and he will send me the appraisal information.

Since I was obset I decided to wait till yesterday to call him back, I told him I wanted to have my $500 back because I was lie from the begining, he said he can not give me back my money. Later I sent him an e-mail telling him that I he didn't give me back my money I was going to do a complaint in the internet.

He called back and told my husband he listened to one of the calls and he said he told me for the loan to be approve the house needs to be worth $73,000. At that point I sent him another e-mail asking for the recordings to be send to me because if he mentioned something like that I will never give the money because I know for a fact the house with the market drop doesn't worth that much. And if he mentioned after I gave the money I trusted in his word than he had other options for us.

He called me back and offered to return to me $175 and sent me the appraisal, he told me too that he listen to the first conversation with the other rep when I told him what the other banks said but he is saying that I never told him directly to him than the other banks said that house was worth less than the loan amount.

I am requesting to have the full amount send back to me due to his lies and deceiving ways. I requested to get the tapes of the conversations and he is not giving them to me because he knows he did something wrong.If they refusing to do anything I will send a letter to the FHA or whoever I need to and then the public will know what kind of company they are.

And I requested him to send me something in writting saying I am getting back the $175 and he is not doing it either.


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