Burger King (#11974) - Poor and Untimely Service!

Posted on Wednesday, December 9th, 2009 at 10:16am CST by 49811574

Product: Drive-thru

Company: Burger King (#11974)

Location: 2400 E Historic Highway 66
Gallup, Ne, 87301, US

URL: http://www.bk.com/

Category: Other

Frequently each morning before work, I try to grab a "fast food" meal. Around the corner from my job is a McDonald's and a Burger King. I usually grab McDonald's despite the long line every morning. This past month I decided to try Burger King (#11974) to try their new Hamelette sandwich. There was only one other vehicle before me in the drive-thru so I figured this should be a quick experience. Not the case! I waited over 15 minutes from the time they took my order to pick up (I never waited over 5 mins at McDonald's even with a line of 10!). What made me angry is that the staff was rude and did not even say a simple "sorry for the wait" nor a "your welcome" when I said thank you. I decided to give Burger King another try a few days later. To my dismay, I received the same experience all over again! I tried calling the customer service number they had on the window, for some reason the number did not work! I tried the survey number on the back of the receipt, it was another frustrating ordeal and did not work right. I tried visiting the Burger King website and was unable to find an appropriate number for my complaint. I am very frustrated with this whole experience, so I decided to post my complaints everywhere that I may, so hopefully my complaint may be addressed by someone within the company. I won't hold my breath!


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