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Posted on Tuesday, December 8th, 2009 at 10:22pm CST by 35afacae

Company: iwireless

Location: 4135 N. W. Urbandale Drive
urbandale, Ia, 50322, US

URL: http://www.iwireless.com

Category: Other

I have contacted Iwireless @ least 3xs time now im fairly new with them I switched from unite states cellular 2 them cause I thought I was getting a better deal well im not especially phone service it sucks I have never had any dropped calls with united states cellular nor have I had problems dialing people in buildings where I shop all the time whether its in front of the store r back of the store I have always got threw with united states cellular not with I wireless & they dont care I have been told that I also have trouble with my internet have 2 stop & restart my computer all the time, Im just fed up with it & I want out of my contract.


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d9fb426d, 2009-12-16, 06:59PM CST

I still have not gotten no where with the once again they just dont care, I have called them again on complainets with my phone and still theres nothing thye can do or care 2 do they said they said there wasnothing wrong with my internet phone. And I cannot get out of my contact cause it would cost me $400 2 do so just becaue the dont care if u have good service or bad the contract was signed, so i advise every1 not 2 go with Iawieless u will be sorry if u do.

35afacae, 2009-12-26, 04:59PM CST

still nothing & Im still haveing trouble thye tell me everytime I call that there's nothing wrong with my service.

35afacae, 2010-01-23, 10:55AM CST

i have had no service 4 4 days & they didnt care i have contacted them everyday with this issue & could not get anywhere with them so my husband went over there heads & stepped on some toes & got me out of my contract.

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