Tupperware boxes - Damaged Tupperware

Posted on Tuesday, December 8th, 2009 at 2:53am CST by a3ab282e

Product: Lunch boxes

Company: Tupperware boxes

Location: Independent House, Tuppeware, Opposite to Banashankari Police Station Banashankari 2nd Stage, Bangalore - 70
Bangalore, Ka, 560070, IN

Category: Other


I recently bought a tupperware lunch box from the place which is opposite to Banashankari Police Station. Its an independent house where they sell tupperware stuff.

First of all, the people who sell there are really really rude. You are a customer but the minute you go inside and ring the bell they treat you as if you have come to rob their things. They will not let you come inside the house. Instead they will ask you to go and take the stairs which leads to some office. You have to sit there and wait like a dog until they come and ask you.

The lunch box that I got is actually a fake product.When I take any liquid food like curry or gravy it actually spills all over my bag. Initially I thought it might be my mistake and I didnt close it properly. But this leakage started very often.

My friends got few things from these guys and everyone have been having problems.

Guys, please dont go there... Those bloody people are rude, they dont give you any good service and their products are all fake.


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