Dell Computer Corp. - Dell Studio 1536 NO PRINT

Posted on Monday, December 7th, 2009 at 8:50am CST by 5624500c

Product: Dell Studio 1536 laptop PC

Company: Dell Computer Corp.

Location: 1 Dell Parkway
Nashville, TN, 37217, US


Category: Other

History: Dell laptop, model 1536, PC never printed from day one. Three new printers were bought for use with it but none worked. Owner

thought they were getting defective printers at first. When I got involved I reloaded the OS from the factory image, reinstalled drivers for

a Canon printer. It did not work. Installed drivers for a HP printer. It did not work.

Brought the PC to my shop, loaded drivers for one of my printers. It did not work. Tried the owner's HP printer on one of my PCs with the

same OS as the laptop. It worked as expected.


1. PC has never printed. After connecting to the Dell website I learned the PC still had 74 days left on warranty. I asked a Dell chat

person to verify the warranty. He did.

After I explained that I was not using a Dell printer I got a cold shoulder. This Dell chat agent kept telling me it is a software problem

and for me to contact the printer manufacturer.

A second Dell chat agent said it was an advanced s/w problem. I agreed it may be s/w but not application s/w. I am thinking firmware or

possibly a hardware manfunction in one of the chips on the system board.

2. I was rudely cutoff on the second chat session. I called a Dell sales telephone number trying to get to someone who could tell me how to

send the laptop in for warranty repair however, I was disconnected while waiting for a transfer.

3. I attempted to call two Yellow Page phone numbers to Dell in Nashville, Tn. I called these numbers dec 1st at 2:30 PM Nashville time and

neither number answered. I tried calling these numbers a couple of days later at an earlier time. Still no answer.

4. On the chat sessions I repeatedly asked for info about how to send the PC in for warranty repair and never got an answer that was

satisfactory. One chat agent kept telling me it wasn't covered because it was a s/w problem.

I have performed all the set-up I know, checked Services, etc. Have performed Microsoft diagnostics, HP diagnostics, Dell diagnostics and

still no sign of a problem BUT knowing about semiconductor chips and knowing that firmware can have problems that won't be found by external

diagnostic software leaves me with a PC that won't print on any printer via the USB port. Did I mention that the USB ports work fine with the

wireless mouse and there are no indications that the USB port or hub have a problem? and did I mention I uninstalled and reinstalled the USB


With 26 years experience working on and with PCs I feel confident I can install printer software and troubleshoot normal problems without

incident. Actually, I feel confident I can do advanced troubleshooting without a software guru's help.

I find this incident typical of recent years advertising and selling of products not made in the U.S.A. Sell the public on "how good we are"

and "we'll be there to support you" but once sold forget the customer, unless he's willing to pay more. Can you spell NAFTA? This, along

with not being able to speak with a "real" person on the telephone makes me more than feverently skittish about buying anything these days - I

know that basically I am own my on as soon as I pay for whatever I buy. Caveat Emptor applies more today than ever.


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