Bad techinal service of Asus Ankara in Turkey

Posted on Monday, December 7th, 2009 at 6:27am CST by 1ae37fe0

Product: Asus Notebook

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Location: TR

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I bought my asus laptop whichs model ls F3Sc on february of 2008.

I bought and used asus brand very ambitiously. but after 8 months of buying, it starts to be down periodically.

My computer was down each of 6 months for the sama mistake system 32 file is missing or corrupted.

All of my datas were gone for each time. It was a very terrrible situation. Since I'm a master student, it repeated before submitting projects and papers.

I set up windows on my own and continued my life. Up to 4th crash on october of 2009. I lost my photos taken my England holiday.

And then I was sure that this computer has a hardware problem. I suspected that it arises from a problem of hard-disk and then my adventure of asus techinal service started.

After 2 weeks of giving my lap-top to service, they returned me that since the pc hadn't got any hardware problem, they did not make any change. The downing problem arises from my mistake. I tried to explain that I've got norton virus protection programme . There was no virus. And all of programmes were installed to my friends notebook, why my notebook is down and her notebook not? Instead of explaining, he just shouted at me. At the end of the conversation, I realized that we can't find any solution, I returned my home with notebook.

As I supposed, my lap-top was down again. But this time is so short. Not 6 months it was down after one week of receiving my laptop back. DOUBTFULLY!!

of course I went to service with my notebook again on 4th november. after 2 weeks, I called the service, they informed me that they are waiting for hard-disk from taiwan. They hadn't got any hard disk in their stock. Waiting made me feel terrible. Since all of my life depends on my computer. I've got a lot of thing to do. especially It caused postponing of submitting my thesis, it means I can't graduate on time. I borrow my friends pc to do my homework. Then after passing one week, I've got a call from asus. member whose name is Harun said me that during testing my laptop, the fan was stopped suddenly and then they opened the pc and realized that the problem arised from motherboard. there was a user mistake,guarantee does not cover my pc. He claimed that I spilled one glass of water on computer ALTHOUGH I DID NOT! If it can be proven, I'm ready to prove it. I did not spill anything on my pc. I swear. Only I use this computer. none could spill it. I did not understand how a glass of water spilled 1.5 years ago(since my computer started to be down for same mistake 1.5 ago) caused crashing problem, when I use this computer periods in 6 months with overperformance. I hadn't got any problem about performance or fan.

I've just asked an sensible explanation, he said me "you said repeatedly sensible explanation sensible explanation, I did not make the device, how I know why this problem arise"

I've got some questions to you;

Asus informed me that my pc hadn't got any hardware problem, and then they found an hardware problem on the same pc. What was changed?

Although these tests were made on first time, there were not any problem, But the second time there was a huge problem. Why? what was changed?

My pc hadn't got any problem like stopping fan or working slowly, why these problems arised after I gave my pc to asus service?

although my laptop was down for each 6 months up to giving to service why it was down after one week after service ?what happened to my computer in there?

Why asus member couldn't give any sensible explanation for the problem when he blamed me what I did not?

If spilling water on the pc cause crashing in periodically, why asus members didn't open the pc on first time? Why they didn't check the motherboard before?

How can asus compensate my lost 2 months? I will submit my thesis 2 months later than I planned because of lack of my computer, it means I'll graduate 2 months lately. Since I can't reach internet, I missed so many job opportunities. for this 2 months I've got psychological problem since I've got only computer in my dormitory room.

My notebook was like a window opening to world for me.

To earn 400$ from me, Asus blamed me what I did not. This is their strategy I guess. I'm so angry to asus. I hate this brand name.

My advise is that DON'T BUY ASUS!!

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1ae37fe0, 2009-12-12, 06:59AM CST

They solved my problem. Thanks to Asus.

Luv Asus!!

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