Superior Detection Services - SDS Security - Shady Contracts - Don't Use Them

Posted on Thursday, December 31st, 2009 at 10:44am CST by 5b9b804e

Product: Monthly alarm monitoring

Company: Superior Detection Services

Location: 8115 Isabella Lane, Suite 1, Brentwood, TN 37027
Nashville, TN, 37027, US


Category: Other

SDS Security ***--- they troll the new home sales in the paper and intrude on people when they are moving in trying to sell them security services. Well, a huge mistake on my part was letting them in the door when my defenses were down. They conned us into security services for 3 years. Well, my husband lost his job - was out of work for 7 months - until we had to move out of state for him to take a job. Despite the fact that we sold the house, SDS Security in their shady business practices hounded us to continue to pay the monthly fee. Now they are threatening to send it to court. What Jerks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do not go with SDS - I would love nothing more than to see them go out of business - Definitely do not sign any long-term contracts with them without a clause that you can get out of the ridiculous contract.


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06f9d1e9, 2010-02-13, 11:36AM CST

We have had SDS in Brentwood for 3 years now. We are paying 26.99 for monthly monitoring. I called Kevin (the manager) since my contract was running out. I had hoped he would lower the rate to 10-12 dollars per month. Kevin said the best he can do is 19.99 per month with another 3 year agreement. I told him to cancel my service. He informed me that I would of had to contact them 30 days before my contract expired to cancel them. Since I did not I am locked into another full year at 26.99 with a possible 5% rate increase. I was very unhappy of their auto renewal business practice and expressed I would make other people aware of what they do. He said that is a 2 way street. I can tell people not to use Central Chemdry to clean their carpet. I have never cleaned Kevins carpet and probably never will. I cant believe the arrogance of the man. Trashing my business name for revenge proposes. I am sending a letter today canceling my contract. It wont take affect until a year from now but I don't want to take a chance of it AUTO RENEWING again.

29a6cf9f, 2010-02-25, 10:31AM CST

would it be SHADY if your service was cancelled without giving you notice??? I am sure that there is not much that would please you by the sound of your post. read what you sign and know what you read! misery loves company

516e10b7, 2010-02-26, 10:41PM CST


SDS Security

Superior Detection Systems

"SDS Security" also known as "Superior Detection Systems" or "SDS Alarm", in Nashville, TN utilizes an unethical and unscrupulous contract provision that locks you in for an additional YEAR automatically AFTER your 3 year contract. "SDS Security" is basically using the consumer credit system to its maximum advantage with complete disregard to its customers. Imagine being an "SDS Alarm" customer for 3 years, then have your contract AUTO-RENEW for another entire year - NOT month-to-month, if you don't notify them in writing within 30 days of the end of a 3 year contract? If you ask to cancel your service after your 3 year contract with SDS Security, they attempt to retain your business with another 3 year contract, or they'll offer for you to pay your year in full.

"SDS Security", in our opinion, has proven to be unfit for todays economy. It's contracts like this that are destroying the credit ratings of good paying customers. If you'd like to take part in initiating a class-action law-suit, please respond privately to this post. Include your name, email and phone number in case our attorneys need to reach you to record your testimony about your experience with SDS Security (Superior Detection Systems) unethical abuse of contracting with consumers.

9e5bbb49, 2010-03-10, 02:21PM CST

Unfortunately, the same customers that complain and make posts about the renewal clause are also the same customers that would try to hold the company liable if we did cancel their monitoring based on a verbal inquiry( ex: alarm goes off and no signal is transmitted leaving nobody to respond). Most people appreciate the fact that there is NO GRAY AREA because everything is in writing from the time of signing the agreement to making changes to the account in any way. This makes everyone on the same page at all times. Have you ever tried to cancel your life insurance policy by verbal requests??? Have you ever tried to change authorized parties on a bank account by verbal requests??? Again, most consumers understand the importance of requests in writing. There will ALWAYS be customers that want to bend the agreement to more conveniently meet their needs.

cf4fcee2, 2010-07-07, 07:53AM CDT

I am also in dispute with SDS and feel some action needs to be taken against this company. I called on July 1st to cancel my contract. They had told me I was committed through July. They told me I missed the 30 window because my 3 yr contract expired on July 23, 2010 and that I was obligated for antoehr year! He then went on to insult the fact that I was trying to get out of my obligation- after I've been int his for my 3 yr committment!!! I am taking legal action for this unfair business practice. If you would like to be includedin a class action suit, I would welcome the additional bench strength!

Best regards,

Lori VanderBoegh

Brentwood, TN

cf4fcee2, 2010-07-07, 08:07AM CDT

I am also in dispute with SDS and feel some action needs to be taken against this company. I called on July 1st to cancel my contract. They had told me I was committed through July. They told me that I missed the 30 window because my 3 yr contract expired on July 23, 2010. The manager went on to personally insult me that I was trying to get out of my obligation! I am taking legal action for this unfair business practice. If you would like to be includedin a class action suit, I would welcome the additional bench strength!

cd2d30ef, 2010-10-22, 12:46PM CDT

I completed my 3 year contract with SDS in July. I just married and moved, placing my home on the market. When I put it on the market I called SDS and was told that I had fulfilled my contract and that it would be $35 to have them come out and instruct the buyer in the use of the system and to change the code. There was no mention at that time of auto renewal or anything. 5 weeks later and my house is sold and now SDS is telling me they can move my system to my new address, not charge me $125 to do that since I "am such a good customer" or I will have to pay for the remaining 9 months on my auto renewed contract. Like many of you, I moved into a new developement and the young man ran around ringing bells on move in day. I have placed a call to the State's regulatory department governing alarm companies. I hope I can get this resolved because in no uncertain terms I will not ask the new owner to do business with SDS and I am telling all of my former neighbors to be sure to send in letters NOT TO AUTO RENEW!

6126a3bc, 2010-12-02, 05:58PM CST

I too have had a run in with SDS Security. They tracted me down like a dog to get my business.And I too let them in my new house and when my defenses were down I was signed to a 3 year contact.But like most people the economics of today got me too. I call SDS to discontinued my service and found out about the part of an additional year automatically after your 3 year contract. SDS Security never told me about this and he never was.After insulting me that person threatened me with debt collection by a lawyer. Well to those people who are looking for a secrity company forget it buy a gun because you are better off helping yourself!!!!!!!!

200a6148, 2011-03-14, 12:29PM CDT

This company employees do not know how to answer questions or about how their system work on other services other than AT&T. If you change your service to Verizon or other companies they want to charge you to change your service over. After having been one of their customers for over 8 years I refused to pay for them to do this. They offered a reduced charge IF I would sign a new 36 month contract which you can not get out of if you sell your home. During this encounter I found their employee to be rude and unknowledgeable.

44103ac5, 2011-11-28, 03:15PM CST

I had the same exact thing happen to me this month. My 3 year contract had expired, I tried to cancel in writing, and was told the contract auto-renewed for 1 year because I did not notify them at least 30 days prior to the contract expiring. So I now owe $29.99 per month for 12 more months. Do not use this company for your alarm monitoring! If you currently have a alarm monitoring contact with SDS, cancel it when it is up and go with someone with lower rates and no contracts. Just be sure to notify SDS of your intent to cancel at least 30 days prior to your contract expiring or they will stick you with another year per the fine print in the contract.

cf4fcee2, 2011-12-06, 05:27PM CST

For the person who asked how I dealt with this. I have a wonderful bank that blocked this monthly charge on their automatice billing- so I did not have to cancel my debit card. I was ready to sue them if they came after me but they went right back under their rock! I never heard a word again! Don't let their intimidation tactic get the best of you!

fb5b83fb, 2012-01-27, 03:29PM CST

I have had a similar problem. I tried to cancel my service after a three year contract. I tried to cancel it prior to the three year contract and they would let me. No problem I agreed to three years so i'll have to stick it out. Well the lady that I talked to told me I need to call 30 days prior to the renewal. So to avoid any problems I set a reminder up on my computer 2 weeks prior. When I called the manager Kevin told me that I should have called a few days earlier. He said that I had to notify them 60 days prior. Just look at the contract he said. He continued to explain to me that I have to honor the contract and go for another year. Ok they screwed me I guess I have to stick it out for another year even though my contract still hasn't been renewed. These guys only want to stick the consumer and make it hard for you to get out of the service. Use someone else do not go with SDS!!!!!!

83d6445e, 2012-04-25, 03:26PM CDT

I agree. I have been a loyal customer of SDS for 4 years. I live in a low crime neighborhood, so I don't really need security monitoring but it provides a little peace of mind with little ones running around. We are building a house and have decided to go with the builder's security company for the new house. When I tried to cancel, I was told I would have to pay the remainder of the contract, with is $31.49 X 10 months = $314.90. The salesman made it clear that we would be under a 36 month contract, but neglected to tell us about the yearly automatic renewal. This company doesn't care about its customers. They are a scam and should be avoided at all costs.

bc394bef, 2013-02-17, 10:23PM CST

I, also have a major complaint about SDS. My company recently went out of business after

89 years (since 1923). My 3 year contract was up in June but I also missed the part of

the 30 days prior to the end of the contract. I explained that due to economy we were out

of business, my phone lines were disconnected which meant they could not monitor our building

anyway but of course they demanded that my contract now would not expire until August 2013.

Please DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY, I wish I had read reviews before signing their unfair contract. Now I'm stuck paying this although we have sold our building and I certainly

advised the new owners to not continue this system. I am writing to cancel my contract today (November 2012) well in advance of my contract ending also unfairly since June has

now become August 2013. By the way I never missed a payment!!

60c80dc8, 2013-10-28, 02:24PM CDT

Join the fight against SDS Security "Superior Detection Systems" here:

Leave your name and phone number!

60c80dc8, 2013-10-30, 12:01PM CDT


aa6159ac, 2014-02-07, 05:07PM CST

I worked there last year for a short period of time .That was enough !!! They not only ship your original contract and credit card info off , After they copy EVERYTHING ,to a secluded site , then they store the copies in three spots on their NETWORK and in fireproof cabinets onsight. They use COPS monitoring and pay exactly 3 dollars a month to monitor your accounts.What you pay minus 3 dollars is gravy. Last but not least they will call your home while you are at work and turn it off if your card is not "processed" over your phone line.CHANGE your phone number and Do Not tell them.Kevin and Tina Allen manage the place. Michael is the Owner not Kevin even though he tells people he is.

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