Reliance Fresh Ambawadi Ahmedabad - Misbehaviour of Reliance Fresh Manager Ambawadi Ahmedabad

Posted on Thursday, December 31st, 2009 at 8:18am CST by 0dde0a96

Product: Reliance Fresh Ambawadi Ahmedabad

Company: Reliance Fresh Ambawadi Ahmedabad

Location: Reliance Fresh, Reliance Fresh limited,1-12,The grand Mall,S.M.Road,Nr Snehkunj Bus Stand,Ambawadi.
Ahmedabad, Gu, 380015, IN

Category: Other

I am a Doctor and a responsible member of the society.

Frequently I buy some of my household goods from Reliance Fresh from Ambawadi, Ahmedabad, where I stay.

The manager Mr Manish Vyas was more than rude to me and asked me to leave the mall.

The simple reason a sweeper of the mall was shouting when I was actually trying to find some good enough coriander from the rotten heap.Instead of the manager trying to find out the problem he actually asked me to leave which is disgusting! He should have rectified the problem and knowing that some of the perishable vegetables are often bad.

Another problem of this store is they donot have an electronic sensor at the door. Instead of checking the ladies handbags they actually lock them in a bag ! ! It is disgusting how only women are thieves? Can't men steal small things in their pockets? Why this embarasment only for women???


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